Efficient Invoicing: Ajera’s Paperless Billing Review

Posted by Mark Jenson on March 25, 2021

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Cash Flow Challenges

Cash flow is an important component to every thriving business – money comes in and money goes out. There’s a lot that goes into this equation, but today we’re honing in on one critical aspect. What’s a fundamental process essential to bringing money through your door? You probably guessed it, billing.

The events leading up to sending your clients their invoices can be challenging, and the time it takes to get your invoices accurately prepped and ready to be sent directly impacts when those dollars are received. Verifying all the needed time is included and on the correct project invoice, ensuring reimbursables display with the correct markups, making sure charges and other important information display in the correct format. With an ever increasing remote workforce, aligning stakeholders involved in the billing process has never been more challenging. There must be a more efficient approach than passing pieces of paper around the office or sending email after email, right?

Enter Paperless Billing Review

Deltek Ajera’s Paperless Billing Review allows you to review invoices, make comments and corrections, and pass invoices along to the next reviewer all within Ajera. You can tailor Ajera to your specific invoice review workflow and setup reports for users to easily see when their action is needed. Below is an example of a billing review workflow.

Ajera Billing Review Stage List

Once you’ve established your billing review workflow, widgets can be set up on dashboards for an efficient “queue” based approach for users to easily see when they have invoices requiring their attention. Furthermore, email alerts can be set up on these widgets to send users email notifications letting them know action is required. Ajera makes it easy to preview the invoice directly from the widget. From there, notes can be added, and the invoice can be assigned to the next stage of the review process.

Below, a project manager has one invoice showing in their queue that needs their attention.

Ajera PM Invoice Queue

Amongst the many benefits of Paperless Billing Review, one of the favorites, yet less obvious, is that it creates accountability. Each time the invoice is moved to a subsequent billing review stage, a time stamp appears showing when the user moved it along. Below, you can see Pat D. Hill added the invoice to the Project Manager Review Stage on 04/05/20, and assigned a due date of the same day.  Mary Boyle saw the invoice in her queue, made a few notes, then passed the invoice to the next stage of Principal Review on 04/05/20, meeting her deadline.  The principal has until 04/07/20 to add notes as needed and continue the review process to the next stage. This process continues until the invoice is approved and ready to be billed.

Ajera Billing Review History

Going Beyond Paperless Billing

Many users may not be aware that paperless billing review can also be used to track collection efforts. By creating an additional billing review stage, your teams can generate reports to review invoices in that stage.

How Deltek Can Help

If your company is interested in setting up paperless billing review and needs support, the Deltek Consulting team is happy to help. Email AjeraConsulting@deltek.com to learn more. 

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