Ajera Users: Top Reasons to Attend Deltek's Virtual Insight Conference

Posted by Megan Miller on September 1, 2020

Deltek Virtual Insight 2020

Deltek Insight is less than a month away and in case you haven’t heard, we’re going virtual this year. This two-day user conference is not only virtual, but is complimentary for our users this year and you won’t want to miss it! Join thousands of Deltek users for this live event to see what’s new with Ajera, learn best practices from the experts and connect with other Ajera users from anywhere. Whether you have joined us in person for Insight in the past or this is your first Insight, register today and plan to join us September 15-16, 2020.

It’s FREE and Virtual!

This year, we’re making it easier than ever to attend Deltek Insight from anywhere with no cost to your firm. Whether you have attended Deltek Insight in the past or haven’t had the opportunity to join us, this year is a can’t miss event. But, don’t keep the excitement to yourself. Since there is no cost, invite your co-workers, power users, new Ajera users or anyone that wants to learn more about Ajera or Deltek so you all can join other users just like you.

Elevate Your Product Knowledge

Deltek Ajera users will gain insight into the product roadmap, learn best practices from the experts and see how to make Ajera work better for you. There are two sub-tracks – project management and financial management – so you can join the sessions that are right for your role. You’ll have the opportunity to join live chats with speakers in more than a dozen sessions and access additional content on-demand to help streamline your processes, improve your efficiency and maximize your use of Deltek Ajera. Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss:

All Ajera users should come to Insight to join the Ajera Product Kick-off (AJKO) where Ellen Keeley will highlight recent enhancements, provide a glimpse into the roadmap, gives updates on the Ajera team, share ways Ajera users can stay connected including a guest appearance from the AUA president and much more!

Deltek Ajera Product Team

Project managers will learn how to:

  • Better manage resources (AJ-11)
  • Monitor project variances (AJ-13)
  • Create widgets for PMs (AJ-14)
  • Make the PCC work for your PMs (AJ-15)
  • Improve billing workflow and review (AJ-17)
  • Manage projects in disruptive times (AJ-18)
  • And much more!

Financial leaders can learn how to:

  • Streamline cash flow with paperless billing (AJ-21)
  • Bring clarity to KPIs (AJ-23)
  • Create accounting-focused widgets (AJ-24)
  • Improve the user experience for the everyday user (AJ-25)
  • Improving transaction entries (AJ-28)
  • Improve financial reporting (AJ-41)
  • Streamline monthly reconciliation (AJ-42)
  • And much more!

Users can also find sessions for every experience level with widget basics, taking widgets to the next level and how to use SQL in widgets as well as determine which CRM is right for your firm.


Deltek Insight 2020 Session Catalog

Check out the Ajera session details

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Explore Complementary Solutions

While you are at Virtual Insight, we encourage you to check out other Deltek solutions that can help your company power your project success. You can join sessions or visit the XPO to learn about solutions like Deltek PIM, Human Capital Management, Deltek Specification Solutions, Vantagepoint CRM and more! Just filter the session catalog by role or product to learn more and join the XPO to ask questions and get more details on how these solutions can help your company.

Empower Your Staff with Inspiring Keynotes

There’s more to Insight than just expanding your product knowledge. At this year’s event, you can join our general sessions focused on persevering through uncertainty, enhancing your well-being and embracing workplace diversity with our keynote speakers Mike Corkery, Mike Robbins and Dr. Shirley Davis. You’ll also hear from Deltek leaders on driving purposeful innovation and our commitment to delivering quality products. Empower your teams beyond the products and encourage them to attend these inspirational sessions.

Engage with Experts One on One

There are plenty of opportunities during Virtual Insight to engage with the experts like live chats during breakout sessions. You also have the opportunity to schedule Meet the Expert appointments, which is your opportunity to meet one on one with one with Deltek to get your questions answered. Be sure you check out the Meet the Experts appointments.

Embrace the Experience

Yes, Deltek Insight is going to be different this year and while we can't be together in person, we've provided a great opportunity for your teams to learn, connect and engage. Learn more about ways to get the most of the Virtual Insight experience in this recent blog by Deltek CMO Perry Hardt.

We look forward to having you join us for Virtual Insight in September! Be sure you register today and don't forget to invite your teams, colleagues, user groups and any other Ajera user to experience Virtual Insight 2020!



Deltek Insight 2020

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