Are You Getting the Most From Ajera? Learn How with Ajera Training Workshops

Posted by Morrigan Smith on February 24, 2020


ANNOUNCEMENT: The health and safety of everyone in the Deltek Project Nation community is our top priority. We have been monitoring the current situation closely to determine if future dates of the workshops will be delivered virtually or remain in-person. 

Whether your business looks different today than it did when you started using Ajera or you are just looking for ways to improve how you leverage Ajera to run your business, Deltek has virtual and live training workshops to help you get more from your solution. Principals, project managers and accounting teams can all benefit from attending these two-day, hands-on workshops that integrate industry best practices with key processes for fully leveraging your Ajera software.

These are hands-on workshops and all computers or virtual labs are provided. After the class, you will have many great takeaways to implement at your firm immediately including dashboards, widgets and a user guide! Don’t miss out! Learn more about the workshops available below and when these courses are offered virtually or in your area.

Ajera Project Management Workshops (2-day)

Let the Deltek team show you how Ajera facilitates effective collaboration between accounting and project management teams. In this workshop, we will cover all the tools necessary to execute projects successfully and collaborate effectively with your accounting staff.  We recommend including a project management champion(s) and an Ajera administrator for the most effective training and adoption of these best practices. This workshop has been updated in 2020 with additional topics including Deltek Clarity Reporting and Project Management Implementation Guide for when returning back to your office to train and implement project management.   

Project Management Workshop topics include industry best practices, project templates, budgeting, resource planning, project setup, schedule manager, project closeout, dashboards and much more!

2020 Live Dates (subject to change): June 2-3 (Atlanta, GA); July 21-22 (Portland, OR); August 25-26 (Chicago, IL); September 22-23 (Denver, CO); and October 27-28 (Nashville, TN).

To learn more and to register, click here.

Ajera Project Management Report Training Workshops (1-day Add-on)

New in 2020!  This additional day includes two custom project reports from Deltek Ajera’s custom report library as well as hands-on dashboard/widget training to supplement the two-day project management workshop with Deltek’s reporting specialist.   

2020 Live Dates (subject to change): July 23 (Portland, OR); August 27 (Chicago, IL); September 24 (Denver, CO); October 29 (Nashville, TN).

To see more details and to register, click here

Ajera Financial Workshops (2-day)

Updated for 2020, this workshop will focus on gaining a full understanding of accounting concepts used in Ajera.  Our focus is workflow and recommendations for gaining better insight into your firm’s performance, and understanding key performance indicators (KPIs). This year also includes a practical application for calculation of these metrics.  We have also added training on new Ajera features directed to the Accounting team and real-life recommendations for application.

Financial Workshop topics include:

  • Understanding key settings in Ajera that affect the flow of accounting and financial information
  • Settings and data flow to the general ledger
  • New Features:  email statement & client invoice templates; file stream & attachments; and upcoming releases in 2020 EFT payments and more
  • Departments and profit centers
  • Revenue recognition methods
  • Billing tips & tricks
  • Resolve common issues during month end reconciliations
  • Using inquiry and dashboards as an investigative tool for reconciliation
  • Compare your key performance indicators (KPIs) against other A&E industry’s averages, calculate and include your own KPIs to financial dashboards and reports to track your firm’s performance

2020 Live Dates (subject to change): June 16-17 (Seattle, WA); July 14-15 (Philadelphia, PA); August 18-19 (Salt Lake City, UT); September 15-16 (Toronto, ON); October 20-21 (Washington, D.C.) and December 8-9 (Anaheim, CA). 

To see more details and to register, click here.

Ajera Financial Report & Widget Training Workshops (1-day Add-On)

New in 2020!  This additional day includes two custom financial reports from Deltek Ajera’s custom report library, including Profit & Loss with Drill Down to the sub ledger detail – one of the most requested Ajera reports.  The session also includes training for the custom financial statement designer and hands-on dashboard/widget training to supplement the two-day financial workshop with Deltek’s reporting specialist. 

2020 Live Dates (subject to change): July 16 (Philadelphia, PA); August 20 (Salt Lake City, UT); September 17 (Toronto, ON); October 22 (Washington, D.C.) and December 10 (Anaheim, CA).

To see more details and to register, click here.

Ajera Widget Workshops

Learn reporting best practices and how to leverage the dashboard and reporting capabilities in Ajera fully. Our expert reporting consultants take you through the entire reporting cycle, focusing on the best measurements, and how to optimize your reporting effectiveness.

Widget Workshop topics include widget bases, basic navigation, keys & custom fields, table widgets, custom formulas, chart widgets, alerts and much more.

The 2020 Ajera Widget Workshop will be held June 24-25 in Chicago (subject to change). To see more details and to register, click here.

More Information

If you have questions on any of the workshops outlined above, please contact Morrigan Smith, Deltek Delivery Manager.

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