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Posted by Ellen Keeley on July 12, 2019

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One of the biggest challenges firms continue to face is tracking and approving time quickly and efficiently. Project Time Approval, introduced in Ajera 9.1, provides a new way for project managers to approve time. This new task is the result of extensive user feedback about what worked well and wasn’t working well with the existing Time by Project tab used for PM time approval. By leveraging the new flexible browser interface, approving project time is easier with fewer clicks and can be done using any browser!

Immediately upon launching Project Time Approval, project managers see all projects and timesheets for the last four weeks that are not approved. PMs can easily use the column filters to change the date filters or find a particular project by clicking on the column headings. Use the Optional column gear to add columns like regular hours and overtime hours, or whatever information is most relevant to the PM.  This gives you the ability to quickly find any projects with overtime entered. 

The right grid displays the project timesheet detail for all unapproved project time for the last four weeks. To see the detail of the hours entered for one project, select the project on the project list grid and the detail appears on the right. 


Timesheet detail is grouped by Project > Phase > Employee > Timesheet Date.  PMs can use the expand/collapse options in the grouping to quickly view the information needed. 


Approving needs to be as simple as a click of a button and that’s what the new Project Time Approval does for your teams. To make approvals even simpler, users have several options to approve several items simultaneously. Select the Totals level to automatically approve all time at all levels at once. To approve just one project at a time, select the checkbox next to a particular project and then select approve. Users can also approve at the employee or timesheet level, giving your PMs the flexibility to approve at once or take a more detailed approach depending on their needs. Once the selection is made, the buttons at the top can be used to take action on all selected items.


PMs can also reject at the timesheet cell level, leaving detailed notes for the employee to see.  Select the timesheet and then expand on the day containing the time to reject.  The employee can see the notes, then correct and resubmit the timesheet for approval.


Lastly, PMs now have a quick and easy way to view a summary of the timesheet detail and notes entered for approval by timesheet. In the Project Time Approval Optional Columns, there is an optional column for View Timesheet Notes. This way, PMs can quickly view any comments, issues or items that need to be considered when reviewing and approving timesheets, eliminating the need to open each item, review the details and move on to the next.  


As you can see, the new and improved Project Time Approval makes it easier than ever for your project managers to quickly and easily review and approve or reject time entry to keep projects on track, keep project managers informed and improve cash flow.

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