How to Limit Phases Available in Transaction Entry Based on Activity Type

Posted by Ellen Keeley on March 6, 2019

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Are you looking to improve the accuracy of information entered in Ajera based on the type of entry it is?  Do you have phases set up in the Project Command Center (PCC) that are for labor entries only or for expenses only?  Until now, if a phase had the right status to allow entry, that phase would appear in any manage task.  With Ajera 9.2, you now have the ability to determine which phases allow labor entry and which phases allow expense and consultant entry.

In the Project Command Center, there are new options available on the General Tab:  Available for labor entry and Available for expense/consultant entry.   One of these options must be selected and you can select different options within the project’s work breakdown structure.

Your existing projects will be updated with both options marked, but you can change the options.  The change will take place for any entries going forward.

Ajera Project Command Center - Expenses Only

Any phase marked as Available for labor entry will be available in Time, Timesheets, Import Time, Mobile Time, the Manage tab in PCC and Client Invoices if you are moving labor transactions.

Ajera Timesheet Phase Selection

Any phase marked available for expense/consultant entry will be available any place you enter expenses including Expense Reports, Mobile Expense, In-House Expense, Import In-House Expense, Vendor Invoices, the Manage tab in PCC and Client Invoices if you are moving expense or consultant entries.

Ajera Vendor Invoice Phase Selection

By controlling the type of entries that can happen on each phase, you can increase the accuracy of the original entry and reduce the correction process that sometimes holds up billing.


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