How Does Vantagepoint Impact Me as an Ajera User?

Posted by Ellen Keeley on November 6, 2018

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Recently, I have received lots of questions about the future of Ajera and what Vantagepoint means for Ajera users.  Let me help to clarify a few things and identify why these are exciting times for Deltek and our customers.

Is Deltek still investing in Ajera?

Absolutely! Deltek Ajera has roadmap for Ajera customers including new features and enhancements that will continue to build on the power of Ajera for the thousands of users leveraging it to run their businesses today. The investment in Deltek Vantagepoint is benefiting Ajera customers with investment in products you can take advantage of as Ajera customers such as Vantagepoint CRM, which is a core component of the Vantagepoint solution.

What is Deltek Vantagepoint?

Deltek Vantagepoint (formerly Deltek for Professional Services) is Deltek’s reimagined solution for the commercial professional services markets. Vantagepoint is the next generation of the Deltek Vision product and is also the next step in Deltek’s Cloud future as we move to a completely cloud-optimized solution.

What if I am using Ajera today?

If you are using Ajera today, keep using Ajera if it meets your business needs. Nothing is changing. You will continue to see releases for the Ajera product.

With the introduction of Vantagepoint, is Ajera going away?

No, Deltek has not made any announcements about phasing out Ajera. In fact, we made announcements about ongoing investment in Ajera in the town hall event we delivered in June 2018 and will speak about the ongoing investment at this year’s user’s conference, Deltek Insight November 5-8, 2018. In the town hall, I shared the Ajera roadmap and enhancements we are making to the product focusing on common customer requests. We will share similar information at the user conference and in future town halls. Deltek is still actively selling and supporting Ajera and is committed to supporting the Ajera customer base now and in the future.

Will Vantagepoint replace Ajera at some point down the road?

The focus today for Vantagepoint is existing Vision customers and prospects that Vision has served in the past. Vantagepoint is also an opportunity for Deltek to get deeper into some industries such as management consulting. If there is a point of convergence for products in the future, it will be driven in a way that is compelling for our existing Ajera customers.

What about Ajera’s long-term future, will Deltek ever force Ajera users to go to Vantagepoint?

Deltek will support Ajera for years to come.  Any changes in that direction will be communicated officially years in advance.  Like all software products, technology and platforms have to be refreshed over time and Ajera will be no different in that regard, but it is our job to ensure that our Ajera customers have a quality product with deep industry-specific functionality while making it as easy as possible for you to adopt future versions of our products. Deltek is committed to supporting Ajera customers now and into the future.

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