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How Talent Optimization and Customer Satisfaction leads to profits for Consulting Firms

How Talent Optimization + Customer Satisfaction = Revenue + Profit

How talent optimization and customer satisfaction equate to healthier revenue and profit for Consulting companies.

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Consulting Magazine on what makes the Fastest Growing Consulting Firms unique

How High-Growth Firms Outperform the Competition

The fastest growing firms are truly rule-breakers when it comes to hyper-growth, talent and technology.

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Millennials in the Consulting Industry

How Your Consulting Firm Can Win the War for Millennial Talent

This blog brings together insights gleaned from that data supplemented by interviews with millennials in the consulting industry and MBA students contemplating a career in consulting. In the process of collecting this information, five consistent themes emerged, which are key to winning the war for millennial talent.

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ERP User Adoption

ERP User Adoption: A Tale of Woe

One of the scariest parts of implementing a new ERP solution is the risk that users won’t buy-in and use it! This very real problem happens in more firms than you might think.

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How to Win the War on Talent

Talent acquisition and retention are critical for professional services organizations. So doesn't it make sense to spend a significant amount of time identifying and implementing meaningful ways to attract, manage and retain good talent? Learn how.

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Tough Questions_Talent Management

Part 2: How to Manage Your PS Talent from Hire to Retire

The CEO has called a special meeting to announce the company has just won a major contract that will require you to hire and ramp 40 highly specialized people immediately… You’re excited but a bit nervous about the challenge because you’re not getting additional staff…

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