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Top 5 Most Actionable KPIs for the Growing Consulting Firm

Growth is likely one of your consulting firm’s priorities, through either acquisition, new services, repeat clients, and/or expanded projects. But what KPIs will help you determine and carry out the best growth tactics?

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Master Your Engagements with Deltek Vantagepoint

Master Your Engagements with Deltek Vantagepoint - and Guarantee Happy Clients!

Deltek Vantagepoint provides engagement managers the visibility they need to communicate and manage expectations correctly, which leads to satisfied clients - and a win across the board. 

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Top Vantagepoint Innovations

7 Unique Innovations of Deltek Vantagepoint No Consulting Firm Should Live Without!

Here are the 7 unique innovations of Deltek Vantagepoint your consulting firm needs today. 

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Purposeful Innovation

Hey Deltek! – Purposeful Innovation for ERP and PSA Solutions

The best way for consulting firms to attract and retain talent is by bringing the latest technology to the workplace. 

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Consulting Magazine: A New Focus for Consulting Firms

After years of advising clients on digital disruption and technical transformation, consulting firms are finally looking within their own business. 

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Five Top Trends in the Healthcare Industry …and the Opportunities they Present for Consulting Firms

Here we look at 5 top trends in the recent PwC Healthcare Research Institute report and the opportunities they present for healthcare consulting firms.

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ERP User Adoption

ERP User Adoption: A Tale of Woe

One of the scariest parts of implementing a new ERP solution is the risk that users won’t buy-in and use it! This very real problem happens in more firms than you might think.

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Why Deltek PSA

Why Deltek

Developing a new professional services automation (PSA) software solution for consulting firms can feel like working in a start-up environment. It takes passion, vision and commitment to the customer!

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finance director for management consulting firm, finance management consulting, financial management IT consulting, consulting firms

My Past Life as Director of Finance in a Management Consulting Firm

Finance is critical for supporting all areas of a management consulting firm from budgeting to cash management to financial reporting.  The work finance does empowers the firm to succeed and make sound decisions based on relevant data.

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Gartner ERP and PSA for Services Firms

Cloud ERP and PSA Software for Services Firms

Experts, Bob Anderson, VP and Analyst at Gartner Research, and Warren Linscott, VP of Product Strategy and Cloud Operations at Deltek, discuss Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software) and Professional Services Automation software (PSA software) for Services Firms. Third in a three part series.

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