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Sustainable Consulting Firm Profitability

Consulting Firms Must Maintain Sustainable Profitability to Grow in 2019

You must leverage technology into every aspect of your consulting firm in order to deliver engagement and operational efficiencies.

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SPI 2019 Benchmark Study Now Available

SPI 2019 Benchmark Study Reveals Profitability Tips from Best-of-the-Best Firms

SPI 2019 Benchmark reveals what the highest-performing consulting firms do differently to improve profits.

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Consulting Tech Transparency

Reimagine What's Possible - How to Give Your Consulting Firm a Tech Transformation in 2019

Why it’s imperative consulting firms embrace technology transformation within their own firms, to attract and retain top talent.

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Explaining His Ideas to HR

Keep Your Employees Happy and They Will Make You Profitable

Here’s what the best consulting firms focus on to build and retain a technically skilled, global workforce. SPI Research 2018 Benchmark Report and Infographic.

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Business Team Processes

Service Execution: Where the Money is Made

Learn the top KPIs tied to service delivery, growth and operational excellence. Includes SPI Research 2018 Report and Infographic.

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Client Relationships

How to Grow Your Consulting Business with Outstanding Client Relationships

Learn the top sales and marketing KPIs that drive growth and successful client relationships. Includes SPI Research 2018 Benchmark Report and Infographic

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Deltek Blogs: Consultant looking at Monitor

How to Create Greater Financial Stability in Your Consulting Firm

Learn the top finance and operational KPIs that make the best consulting firms succeed.

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Dominant Market Position for Consulting Firms Infographic

How Consulting Firm Leaders Create a Dominant Market Position

Outperform your peers and establish a market-leading position with insights gleaned from the SPI Research 2018 Benchmark Report. [Report and Infographic]

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SPI 2018 Best of Best Winners

Congratulations to SPI Research's 2018 Best-of-the-Best PSO Winners

Four of this year’s “Best of the Best” PSO firms are using Deltek ERP solutions! Learn who the winners are and download the report.

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c3 Consulting

The Perfect Solution for a Consulting Firm on a Fast-Growth Trajectory

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine McElroy, Executive Vice-President of c3/Consulting, a Deltek client and management consulting firm headquartered in Tennessee. As a winner of numerous industry awards, c3/Consulting recently received Consulting Magazine’s 2016 “Fastest Growing Firms” award. Following are some of the key takeaways from our discussion…

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