How to Deliver Project Excellence – Every Time

Posted by Guest on April 21, 2021

Resource Meeting

Guest author: Randy Mysliviec of the Resource Management Institute

Most project-based teams today are struggling with project performance failures exceeding 35%, and under-utilization problems resulting in high labor costs. Customer satisfaction is often negatively impacted as a result of project management failures. A common reaction to these issues is to focus on improving project management and quality processes, looking at a new PSA/PPM tool, or exploring some other project centric approach. The reality is the most common reason for project failures is because we simply could not get the right person, in the right place, at the right time – better resource management!

Just-in-Time Resourcing®

Creating world class resource management capabilities in your company requires six key elements to achieve what we at the Resource Management Institute (RMI) call Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR).  Similar to how Just-in-Time Manufacturing focused on getting materials and plant capacity aligned with demand for products just-in-time, JITR focuses on human capital deployed in a project-based services environment to get the right people in the right place at the right time. Development of these six elements does need to be coupled with the right people, capabilities, and automation tool support.

Step 1 for Building Your JITR Process - Assessing Your Skills Inventory

According to new research from RMI, the majority of businesses do not have an effective skills database to support their resource management needs. 

RMI Resource Management Research

A well-defined approach to creation and maintenance of an effective skills inventory is a first step to effective resource management.  Your firm must be able to quickly assess and answer questions around: “Who do we have, what do they know, where are they, are they available”. The firms who are able to properly build their skills inventory and implement the other key elements of Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) will be primed to deliver consistent project excellence.

And Speaking of Consistent Project Excellence

Join Randy Mysliviec, for a webcast on April 27th at 2 PM ET where we will discuss the importance of resource management and learn the answers to these questions:

  • How does better resource management lead to improved project outcomes?
  • What are the six elements necessary to create a robust resource management process that drives predictable project performance?
  • What are some ‘must have’ best practices in resource management?
  • What does a typical resource management process transformation require?


About the Author

Randy Mysliviec is President and CEO at RTM Consulting and Managing Director of the Resource Management Institute (RMI). Randy is the author and innovator of the Just-in-Time Resourcing® brand of human capital management solution. Randy advises professional services organizations with the complex challenge of leveraging services to deliver better outcomes focused solutions and operating efficiency.




How to Deliver Project Excellence – Every Time

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