2020 Consulting Industry Favorites for the New Year

Posted by Deltek on December 29, 2020

This time of year can be a breath of fresh air, even though it can be the busiest.  We have a glimpse of an immediate future brimming with potential and emboldened by experience. Even our everyday workload and busy home routines are ripe for a New Year’s opportunity.

When you find yourself with a few moments to ponder the year ahead, Deltek invites you bolster your new year’s plans with its 2020 Consulting Industry Favorites for the New Year. These 45-minute webinars contain the consulting-specific research, project delivery best practices, and proven adaptive measures needed to build on what was learned in 2020 and continue your journey into a successful 2021:

  1. 10 Critical Consulting Actions for 2021Looking for a silver lining from the challenges of 2020? Plan ahead and register now to join us January 21, 2021 at 3 PM ET as industry expert and consulting firm owner Andy Jordan presents 10 critical moves to make in 2021 to set firms up for long-term success.  Learn the critical measures of value to clients, and best practices to implement those measures today.
  2. A Fresh Outlook for 2021 - Built of Hard Lessons from 2020 – Based on late 2020 research, Rattleback Consulting discusses the strategies and tactics of the 25% of consulting firms that saw growth in despite 2020’s challenges. Watch this webinar to identify what 2020 business approaches should continue, and which should be left in the past.
  3. Consulting Leadership:  How to Make Bold Moves When It Matters Most – Join Sean McDermott, serial entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of 5 successful Consulting businesses, in a fireside-chat in which he challenges consulting leaders to confront decisive, deliberate and creative choices that determine a firm’s future.
  4. A New Formula for Success in The Virtual Consulting World – Hinge Research Institute reports that Consulting services are valued 33% more, and clients find services 56% more relevant today. Learn the latest business models, sales and marketing tactics, and client relations approaches with the deepest impact in this data-driven webcast.
  5. Organizational Agility: 4 Tactics to Prepare Your Firm for Recovery – Strategic delivery and project management expert Andy Jordan explains the concept of organizational agility as it relates to benefitting from emerging trends, empowering teams for success, adjusting investments with little disruption, and balancing speed with value.
  6. New Insights into Today’s Consulting Talent War – A firm's culture was second only to competitive salary in a recent Hinge Research Institute study of what applicants and employers view as top attributes when selecting employment or their next employee. Get the latest research, tap (or join) new talent pools, and build the best formula for hiring in the year ahead.
  7. How Consulting Firms Win: The Definitive Playbook – Ever wish you had a step-by-step guide to business self-assessment, followed by tactical plays critical to achieving Consulting greatness? Get insight into this timeless, actionable playbook for Consulting business executives, management and project delivery teams engaging in transformational business initiatives.

Bookmark this page today and return to it throughout the year as you pivot and adapt for ongoing Consulting success. Happy New Year!

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