Organizational Agility - The Future for Your Consulting Firm

Posted by Guest Author on June 17, 2020

2020 remains my least favorite year in recent memory. Business plans have been destroyed, forecasts and projections rendered completely obsolete, and we are left wondering where to go from here. The consulting business can feel like a helpless place to be in times of uncertainty. We rely on our clients to help determine the direction we need to take and when they have no idea what the future holds it feels as though we are stuck in a holding pattern. And all the time we’re burning cash without any reliable revenue streams.

But we’re not helpless. There are some things we can be doing. In fact, there are things we must be doing. My name is Andy Jordan, I’m a global thought leader in modern strategic transformation practices and I also run my own consulting business. I’m going to be joining Deltek on June 30th at 11am Eastern to present a webinar looking at the concept of organizational agility and how it can help consulting firms recover from this current crisis, and make them more resilient for the future.


Organizational Agility: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Consulting Firm for Recovery

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I’m not going to pretend I have a silver bullet that will make all your problems go away; organizational agility is a whole new way of not just working, but also thinking. But it’s also something that will strengthen your firm, bring its people closer together and align their efforts, and put you in a position to better serve the industries, clients and prospects that you support.

Success for consulting firms today comes from enabling the success of your clients’ businesses. Organizational agility not only helps you understand what that success looks like, it makes it easier to consistently deliver solutions that enable that success in your clients. And you don’t need me to tell you the impact a group of satisfied clients has on your bottom line!

In the webinar, we cover four specific areas that you need to focus on, and explore how you can improve performance in each of those four areas. I don’t believe in just delivering a bunch of theories and then leaving you on your own, so I will also talk about how you can go about making the related changes in your business. These are practical steps that can occur in the current challenging environment, not unrealistic concepts that aren’t within reach.

The recovery from an economic downturn and a forced virtual working atmosphere can’t be easy, but your clients are determined to come out of this stronger than ever and you are determined to help them do that. Now you just need to ensure you are giving those clients the products, services and solutions they truly need, and organizational agility will help you achieve that. 

Register now and join me at 11am Eastern on June 30th to explore the concept in more detail.


About the Author

Andy Jordan is President of Roffensian Consulting S.A., a Roatan, Honduras based management consulting firm with a strong emphasis on organizational transformation, portfolio management and PMOs. Andy is an in-demand speaker and author who has for many years delivered thought provoking content in an engaging and entertaining style, and is also an instructor in project management related disciplines including PMO and portfolio management courses on LinkedIn Learning. Andy is a frequent speaker and author for (part of Project Management Institute (PMI)).



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