Achieve Full Visibility into Your Consulting Reporting and Business Intelligence

Posted by Laura McQuaig on September 20, 2019

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In my most recent blog posts, the theme has been visibility as it relates to each of the functional areas of the engagement lifecycle and their importance in competing in today’s services level economy.  The reality is this: to stay competitive, it is imperative for firms to have complete visibility into every aspect of their business to make quicker, better-informed decisions and drive the business forward.

Successful consulting firms must be able to track things such as sales, engagement performance, service line performance, financial profitability, sales and margin per consultant, employee staffing (chargeability), compliance and progress toward strategic goals.  With this visibility comes the critical ability to provide a firm’s leaders with a complete picture of engagement and business health, and the right foresight to enable well-informed, real-time decision-making.

That is where a fully integrated, project-based solution like Deltek Vantagepoint comes in to play, which puts easily-accessible reporting and business intelligence at your fingertips.


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Vantagepoint provides interactive dashboards and easy-to-use reporting with dozens of different views into the health of your business, so you can hone in on potential challenges and highlight repeatable success stories. The advantage is faster and more accurate reporting and analysis than with disparate solutions or spreadsheet reporting.  When you spot a risk or opportunity, you can immediately initiate discussions with key stakeholders and make more focused, impactful decisions.

  • Gain control over margins, resource allocation, and business outcomes and make decisions based on data-focused insights instead of gut feelings. Deltek Vantagepoint reporting and business intelligence allows you to:
  • Easily access personal dashboards to get the data you need to make better, faster business decisions
  • Monitor engagement or project profit margins so you know you’re on track to meet growth goals
  • Identify clients that are draining resources and eating away at your bottom line, and adjust accordingly to increase profitability and improve efficiencies
  • Increase revenues while improving employee and client satisfaction, and your competitive advantage. 

Please join us for this month’s Consulting Solution Speed Session event, Full Visibility into Your Reporting and Business Intelligence, on Thursday, September 26th at 2PM EDT, to see Deltek Vantagepoint in action.

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