7 Unique Innovations of Deltek Vantagepoint No Consulting Firm Should Live Without!

Posted by Laura McQuaig on April 8, 2019

Top Vantagepoint Innovations

In an earlier blog, I discussed how Deltek Vantagepoint was designed specially to help management consulting firms tackle the industry challenges they are facing in today’s service economy. How it was built to disrupt the relationship that consulting firms traditionally have with software solutions, and help them navigate today’s competitive workplace.

I talked about how Vantagepoint was designed from the ground up by consultants for consultants, and developed by the project experts or largest pure-play Cloud ERP to project-based firms to address their clients’ ever evolving needs – to provide the visibility demanded and required to be successful and stay competitive. Deltek took what we are great at, and improved on it – to create a solution specifically built for consulting firms and the challenges they face.


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Today, I want to talk about the uniquely innovative features that set Vantagepoint apart from other Project-based ERP or PSA solutions. Here are a few of my favorites:

Activation Wizard: we empower you to go through an initial activation wizard to configure your system on your own. With industry specific defaults built in, we’ll walk you through each step just like how you do your taxes with turbo tax. Our goal is to get you up in running in hours not months. We also know that every firm is unique, so we’ve built in configurability in all the RIGHT places. Configuration not customization reduces the barrier to upgrades which is a win, no matter how you look at it.

Engagement Hub: Vantagepoint’s unique Engagement Hub helps you gain a sightline into your business with visibility into the entire lifecycle of an engagement from pursuit through completion and everything in between. This robust command center addresses your project manager’s needs, along with the way they think and work. So, no matter what stage a project is in, you have the same functionality, fields, workflow and features – even viewing projects in the CRM mobile app – to see a breakdown of plans, budgets and contracts before the project is awarded.

Proposal Editor: allows you to create sleek and impressive proposals utilizing information directly from pursuit engagements without having to leave the solution. Innovative, intuitive, easy, self-service – no 3rd party software required. The result? Users see what they are building as they’re building it. With a WYSIWYG editor and the ability to save sections for reuse, this is a single source for all your proposal data. You will love it. 

Hey Deltek! (Vantagepoint’s Personal Assistant): can help you locate, open or even create new hub records, log activities and set reminders.  In the future it will also help you enter time and expense reports, open and update records with conversational responses and search help, all via voice. Hey Deltek is the first step in bringing purposeful innovation to an ERP solution, designed by consultants for consultants, truly making their work lives easier.

Powerful ERP/PSA Functionality: Vantagepoint is a complete ERP solution that supports global firms with robust functionality for each functional area. Deltek is not just a great time and expense tool with some light CRM, resource management or project financials included.  It was designed with robust functionality to support all aspects of your business.  It is a solution that all of your employees will want to use, not have to have use.

Intuitive Interface: we think intuitive designs and modern collaboration tools are key components for your success. We started with best practices in the industry on how to win, manage, and deliver the most profitable engagements while maintaining the happiest teams.

Then, we designed the user interface to support these processes rather than work against them. The result is a product that feels like home. It leaves your team feeling at ease and excited because their current processes and ways of working remain intact, so they can continue to focus on your clients. You may even be shocked by the minimal amount of training required to get up and running. 

Easily Accessible: Deltek built this product with accessibility in mind. The design is responsive, meaning you can work from your tablet or even your phone depending on what you’re trying to do.  Respond to that last client question, approve your team’s timesheets, check on the status of your pipeline, or collaborate with your team.  With cloud support, your information is available and secure, anywhere you have an internet connection.

So, when I am asked if Deltek Vantagepoint really help firms navigate the industry challenges they are facing in today’s service economy?  That answer quite simply is YES, YES, YES!


About the Author

For the past 20 years, Laura has been working with professional services organizations to solve critical business issues around project accounting, project and resource management, forecasting & budgeting and business development. She has been helping firms understand trends, best practices and tools that help people and organizations leverage technology to streamline their business and processes. Laura currently serves and Director of Product Marketing, Consulting Industry at Deltek, the leading provider of solutions for project based businesses.



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