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Posted by Laura McQuaig on February 15, 2019

Purposeful Innovation

I think most people would agree that the biggest war on talent is happening now in today’s service level economy.  That being said one of the best ways to attract talent and retain existing talent is by bringing the latest technology into the workplace.

Anything manual or the least bit difficult to use, is out these days.  I mean if Siri isn’t placing calls, making reservations or navigating directions for us then Alexa or Google is turning on our lights, locking our doors and setting our alarms. It feels like everything we do is done via voice control and no longer by touch.

So how do you bring this technology into ERP solutions?  It appears that anything can be tied to Alexa or Google these days, so that is an option.  While I am sure it looks awesome and demos well…does it really, truly make consultants’ work lives easier?  Can Alexa or Google easily be accessed at client sites, airports, in our cars or even a kid’s soccer practice?  

The answer is no, so it will just end up being another solution that looks cool and the idea is great but not practical and hard to use. It will sit dormant with maybe one person in the firm using it.  What ERP and PSA solutions really need is purposeful innovation.  Something that is truly useful to consultants and allows day-to-day activities in their work life to be easier.

They need a solution that incorporates natural language processing seamlessly and transparently without any added devices.   

But the next question is: “Why would anyone need this added to their ERP anyway?” The answer is simple; to find things quickly, shorten the time for routine tasks and make the interaction more personal. What if you could ask your ERP to add a contact or put in a reminder for an activity?

Vantagepoint’s “Hey Deltek” uses natural language commands to help you locate, open or even create new hub records, log activities and set reminders through a common language phrase.  In the future we are looking to also help you enter time and expense reports, open and update records with conversational responses and search help all via voice. This extends the accessibility of the solution and makes it much easier for consultants to start using with very little training.

“Hey Deltek” is the first step in bringing purposeful innovation to an ERP solution designed by consultants for consultants truly making their work lives easier.


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About the Author

For the past 20 years, Laura has been working with professional services organizations to solve critical business issues around project accounting, project and resource management, forecasting & budgeting and business development. She has been helping firms understand trends, best practices and tools that help people and organizations leverage technology to streamline their business and processes. Laura currently serves and Director of Product Marketing, Consulting Industry at Deltek, the leading provider of solutions for project based businesses.



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