Reimagine What's Possible - How to Give Your Consulting Firm a Tech Transformation in 2019

Posted by Carol Murphy on January 30, 2019

Consulting Tech Transparency

Consulting Industry Experts Share Advice on Technology, Transparency and Its Impact on Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Deltek recently sponsored a Consulting magazine webinar, which is now available to view on-demand: Technology, Transparency & Talent: How Millennials Devour Data and What it Means for the Future of Your Firm?

The webinar featured a diverse panel of consulting industry experts:

  • Woody Driggs, Americas Advisory Digital Transformation Wavespace Leader, EY
  • Mark Rheault, Founder & CEO, Infinite Leap
  • Tom Rodenhauser, General Manager, ALM Intelligence
  • Laura McQuaig, Director of Product Marketing, Deltek

Consulting editor, Joe Kornik, facilitated the discussion that centered on how technology is impacting consulting firm culture, driving new hiring opportunities and ushering in a new era of data transparency. Here are a few notable observations from the speakers.

The Rapid Pace of Technology Innovation and Its Impact on Consulting Firms

Whether it’s IoT, advanced robotics, Blockchain, or cognitive computing – technology is changing quickly—introducing both threats and opportunities for firms. Millennials are helping to drive this change and businesses must respond to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Technology is becoming a core differentiator for firms to attract and retain talent. Millennials have no interest in working at yesterday’s consultancies. So, if firms aren’t providing fully integrated CRM, finance, project & resource management and HRIS in a 100% cloud-based app, they could find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. In a tech-driven culture, millennials are happier, more engaged and more willing to stay the course.

According to Tom Rodenhauser, gone are the onsite, boot camp training environments to bring new consultants up to speed. Now, training is moving online and mobile.  It helps to satisfy a consultant’s constant quest for learning—as they can immerse themselves in courses whenever they want—to pursue their personal and professional goals.

Transparency for Your ‘Digital Nomads’

Millennials crave transparency and real-time access to data. Whether it be compensation, performance, or career path – millennials want to measure themselves against the firm’s best and understand their path to making partner. They want easy access to client information – and the status of their engagements. They realize that information is key to having open dialogues with clients and keeping them up-to-date and happy.

As a leader at one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms, Mark Rheault, Founder and CEO of Infinite Leap is proud of the way his small, fifty person plus firm utilizes technology.

“We use technology in a unique way and cater to the millennial mindset. Millennials like a data driven business. We are able to hire the best talent, wherever we need them.”

 Mark went on to share that the transparency of his firm’s data builds a culture of trust among his consultants. “It forces everyone to be very good at setting clear goals, capturing data, tracking to targets and accountability.”

This just touches on some of the discussion points in this webinar. There is more great information to hear so view it now and get inspired!


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