Hey Deltek, What Makes You So Special for Consulting Firms?

Posted by Laura McQuaig on January 8, 2019

What Makes Deltek Special for Consulting Firms

In my role as PM Director for the Consulting Industry, I am frequently out talking to prospects and customers in the industry. Last week I was asked the question, “So why would a management consulting firm want to use Deltek?” My immediate response was “Why would they not?” 

After all, as the world’s #1 project based solution provider for over 30 years - with millions of users in over 80 countries - there truly is no one better suited to help management consulting firms navigate today’s competitive workplace.

But I know what they are really asking. They want to know if Deltek can help them with the specific industry challenges they are facing in today’s service economy. Times are changing fast—clients are much more sophisticated and thus demanding a much higher level of satisfaction than ever before. These growing demands are requiring firms to be creative, and in some cases reinvent themselves not just to stay competitive for new business, but also to retain and attract the talent needed.

So, the answer to the question is quite simply YES!

In today’s service marketplace we know that:

  • 57% of management consulting firms say their reports come too late for important decisions (Insight to Action).  Firms absolutely have to have the ability to make better decisions faster.
  • 78% of Millennials say access to the technology they like makes them more effective at work. (Deloitte). Retaining talent would be much simpler for firms if they had a solution that makes life easier for consultants.
  • 42% of management consulting firms struggle to find enough time for business development activities (Insight to Action). If there was a way to win an engagement before a competitor even had a chance to start a conversation, they would take it.
  • Only 37% of management consulting firms feel they have a clear view of which clients and engagements are profitable (Insight to Action).  Clear visibility into organization, client and engagement health is required for strategic decisions about the firm.

About two years ago we set out on a mission to disrupt the relationship that consulting firms traditionally have with software solutions and develop a solution that they could truly use and help with current issues they are facing today. The result was Deltek Vantagepoint

It was designed from the ground up by consultants for consultants and developed by the largest pure-play Cloud ERP solution provider for project-based industries. Vantagepoint was built to address these client’s ever evolving needs and provide the visibility and insight required to be successful and stay competitive. Deltek took what we are great at and improved on it to create a solution specifically built for consulting firms and the challenges they are facing today.

Chat Session

We have said this before, but listening to our current and potential client base is something, we have always done well at Deltek and this time is no different.  Our clients are insanely involved and have shared in-depth descriptions of their pains and problems.

So, if you are concerned that your reports come too late for important decisions or if you are looking for a solution to make life easier for your consultants and built with the latest technology that allows them to be more effective and happy at work—Deltek has you covered.

If you are worried about the growing complexity of your engagements created by the sophistication of your clients, struggling to find enough time for business development activities or just finally want true visibility into business, then Deltek is the special solution designed for you!


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About the Author

For the past 20 years, Laura has been working with professional services organizations to solve critical business issues around project accounting, project and resource management, forecasting & budgeting and business development. She has been helping firms understand trends, best practices and tools that help people and organizations leverage technology to streamline their business and processes. Laura currently serves and Director of Product Marketing, Consulting Industry at Deltek, the leading provider of solutions for project based businesses.



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