How Consulting Firm Leaders Create a Dominant Market Position

Posted by Carol Murphy on August 24, 2018

Dominant Market Position for Consulting Firms Infographic

Part 1 of a 5 Part Strategic Benchmarking Series for Professional Services

How would you rate your consulting firm leadership? According to the SPI Research’s 2018 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report, by establishing market-leading positions, consulting firms are able to win the best deals and turn those deals into wildly satisfied clients who continue to buy, and provide referrals. 

Metrics really do matter for the success of your firm. SPI’s research into this topic over the past twelve years shows a powerful correlation between financial success and confidence in leadership. Leaders need to embrace the top operational metrics including revenue per employee, billable utilization, project margins and delivering projects on time, to name a few.

As a consulting firm leader, having the right metrics and the right systems, providing you with trusted information, can transform your business. Review the key metrics in the Leadership Executive Summary to see if you outperform your peers, and then look within your own organization to determine if you have the right tools in place to keep your business on track for success in 2019.


SPI 2018 Professional Services MaturityTM Benchmark Report

Leadership Executive Summary Metrics

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Dominant Market Position for Consulting Firms Infographic

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