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Will IRS Have the Resources to Implement Tax Reform?

The cash strapped agency has been struggling for a number of years to process U.S. tax returns using outdated legacy systems.  With 15,000 fewer employees today than in 2010, it’s been long criticized for poor customer service. And its budget has shrunk by $1 billion over the same time period.  Now the IRS must implement the most massive tax overhaul in the last 30 years.

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Old Computers

US Tax Collection Agency Relies on Outdated Hardware

According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), 64% of IRS’ hardware is beyond its useful life.

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Cloud Storage Wars

IRS Needs to Implement an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is faulting IRS for not having an enterprise-wide cloud strategy, which heightens risk of data exposure and gives no clear guidelines for offices seeking to deploy cloud solutions.

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Acquisition Guidance in OMBs Revised Circular A 130

Better Controls Needed for Federal Debt Information Systems

During GAO’s annual audit of key Fiscal Service financial systems, it found new deficiencies in the areas of access control, configuration management, and segregation of duties.

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Acquisition Guidance in OMBs Revised Circular A 130

Budget Blueprint: HHS, VA, Treasury, Education and Labor

On March 16th, the Trump administration released what is commonly referred to as a “skinny” budget. The 62-page document gives a glimpse into the administration’s priorities for FY 2018, as well as the entire term of the administration.

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Money down the drain

Lankford's Annual "Federal Fumbles" Points to Wasteful Spending

Last week, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) released his second federal “wastebook” modeled after former Sen. Tom Coburn’s annual report on federal waste, inefficiency and duplication.

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Would Smart Cards Curb Fraud in Federal Health Care Programs?

According to a GAO report released this week, the use of smart cards would likely only result in a minimal reduction in fraud and abuse in federal health care programs.

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Money down the drain

IRS is Spending Millions Annually on Obsolete Fraud Detection System

The IRS relies on the Electronic Fraud Detection System (EFDS), launched in 1994, to automatically detect fraudulent returns. However, the system is quickly becoming obsolete in the face of rapidly changing technology, increasingly sophisticated tax scams, and additional legislative demands, such as Affordable Care Act tax credits administration.

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Deltek Forecasts Defense Agency IT Spending Will Remain Weak Through 2021

DATA Act Standards Set to Bring More Light to Federal Spending

For the last year, OMB and the Treasury Department have been working to implement the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) which promises to lend visibility into the world of federal spending.

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IRS Officials Grilled After Security Breach

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before two Congressional committees this week, in the wake of a data security breach involving over 104,000 taxpayers.

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