What to Know About GovWin’s Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for FY 2022

Posted by Nick Schiffler on October 6, 2021

Top Opportunities Federal Government Contracting 2022

It’s the start of a new federal fiscal year and that means contractors that sell to the government have a chance to make a fresh start, find new business opportunities and prepare to hit their goals in 2022. To aid government contractors in those efforts we are excited to reveal the Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2022, our latest edition of the annual series of reports and webinars highlighting the federal bellwether contract opportunities for the coming fiscal year.


GovWin’s Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for FY 2022

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The series will examine the largest business opportunities expected to be offered by federal government agencies over the course of the next twelve months. Read on to find out more about this series and the top contracting opportunities for the year ahead!

Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for Large and Small Businesses, in Many Industries

For 18 years GovWin’s Federal Research team has produced a series of reports examining the leading federal contracting opportunities for each fiscal year. Carey Webster, Senior Director of Research for Deltek, explains more in the video below.

This year’s edition of the series includes analysis focusing on four key areas:

Top 20 Unrestricted Federal Opportunities

These federal opportunities are free and open to any contractor. They may last for multiple years, be available to many providers of goods and services, and be worth millions – if not hundreds of millions – of dollars.

Top 10 Federal Set-Aside Opportunities

Opportunities in this category represent billions of dollars in value that have requirements for businesses who fit into one of several set-aside categories.

Top 10 Federal Professional Services Opportunities

Professional services in the federal government market can include management consulting, human resources, personnel services, finance and insurance – to name just a few sub-categories.

Top 10 Federal Architecture, Engineering and Construction Opportunities

Whether it’s the design of a new medical center or the redevelopment of a major road, there is no shortage of major federal AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) opportunities.

Each of the opportunities were drawn from Deltek’s GovWin IQ solution of business development intelligence on government contracting opportunities, and were vetted by the company’s team of federal market research experts.

“Every year, our team of Deltek expert analysts uncover the most lucrative federal opportunities for FY 2022 from GovWin IQ. The one-of-a-kind research that our team performs on these top federal opportunities is designed to give contractors the upper hand as they develop strategies to win their share of business.”

Carey Webster, Senior Director of Research for Deltek

The list of opportunities included have estimated solicitation dates in FY 2022 and are selected based on the total expected contract value or the anticipated ceiling value. These contracts are expected to shape the federal government contracting environment in the months to come.

Don’t Miss GovWin’s Top Opportunities for FY 2022 Webinars and Reports

The series of live webinars took place in October 2021 with the Top 20 Unrestricted Federal Opportunities, followed with the Top 10 Federal Set-Aside Opportunities, the Top 10 Professional Services Opportunities, and the Top 10 Federal AEC Opportunities. Each webinar is now available on-demand, and an exclusive, informational report has been published on each topic - the reports are available for free download here.

Those attending this Top Opportunities webinar series or downloading the reports will learn more about:

  • Spending trends within key GovCon markets
  • Procurement patterns anticipated for the coming year
  • Detailed intelligence to help businesses build a strong pipeline

As savvy federal government contractors know, having up-to-date knowledge about their target opportunities is a must for businesses that want to win their share of a contract. In fact, 66% of those attending the Top 20 Unrestricted Federal Opportunities for 2022 webinar said that having support in staying up to date on how those opportunities materialize would be valuable. These reports and webinars will help bridge that knowledge gap, along with the wealth of market intelligence offered to subscribers to the GovWin IQ platform.

To find more information on the Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2022 and hear first-hand from GovWin’s team of experts, register for the webinar series at the link below.


GovWin’s Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for FY 2022

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