Why GovWin IQ is the Gold Standard for Government Contracting Intelligence in 2021

Posted by Deltek on January 7, 2021

GovWin IQ Government Contracting Gold Standard

Government contractors are finally ready to turn the page on a turbulent 2020 and look forward to everything that is offered in the New Year. And GovWin is excited about helping all of our clients meet the challenge ahead in 2021. Just as we have for many years, GovWin will bring the most complete set of data and analytics for federal state, local and educational (SLED) opportunities in the public sector to sellers across many industries who do business with the government.

As we have explored in previous posts, 2020 was a busy year for GovWin at both the federal contracting and state, local and education (SLED) contracting levels. In 2020, the improvements made to GovWin IQ expanded the volume for federal, state, local and educational (SLED) government contracting leads, plus they provided many new enhancements and features that will continue to enable contractors to win more business.

“ GovWin IQ is the "Cadillac" of systems to track government contracting opportunities. ”

Craig Berryman, President/COO, Joint Mission Essential Training Solutions, Inc. (JMETS)

The market intelligence offered by GovWin IQ is backed by the industry’s largest team of analysts focused on government contracting, and it enables businesses of all sizes to gain a competitive advantage in pursuing and winning business with federal, state, and local governments and educational institutions. GovWin subscribers gain access to these key areas:

  • Government Insights: Agency data and spending patterns
  • Early Intelligence: Early insight on procurement opportunities
  • Key Relationships: Teaming and networking solutions
  • Research Support: Broad and deep industry analysis

These focus areas aren’t just things that large companies need – small business providers of government contracts can take advantage, too. In fact, GovWin IQ enables organizations of all sizes to sell more efficiently by providing easy access to the critical information companies need to navigate today’s government market, saving them time and money, and freeing up critical resources to pursue new business.

Government Contracting Intelligence to Win More Public Sector Bids and RFPs

Beyond simply saving time while finding the public sector bids and RFPs they need, government contractors are also able to use GovWin IQ to stake their claim in the competitive, crowded government contracting market.

“ With GovWin, we’re able to develop that proactive, targeted approach. ”

Tony Petroccitto, US West/Pacific Federal Program Manager, GHD

So with all of this already in place, what’s to come in 2021? GovWin has a number of exciting product enhancements and feature additions lined up in the months ahead. We’re also looking forward to providing opportunities to fuel government sales success in a number of key industry verticals, such as information technology, architecture and engineering, professional services and education.

And of course, we’ll continue to deliver the industry-leading forward-looking intelligence that gives businesses the ability to manage opportunities, pursue deals faster, find partners for teaming and plan strategically to get ahead of the competition.

“ We realized very quickly why Deltek’s product and supporting services are known as the ‘gold standard’ for research and tracking of the government market. ”

Senior Business Development Director, IMT, LLC, A Mission Essential Company

You can stay up to date on the latest topical issues in the government market by visiting one of our dedicated resource hubs. The Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center hosts articles, analysis and on-demand webinars tied to the ongoing federal and SLED COVID-19 government response. And the brand-new Administration Transition Resource Center is a go-to spot for insights and resources curated by GovWin analysts to help government contractors stay informed during the shift to the Biden administration.

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