Federal Market & GovWin IQ Enhancements: Year in Review 2020

Posted by Dan Firrincili on December 15, 2020

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In an earlier post, we shared a look at the State, Local, & Education Market improvements made by the GovWin IQ team to provide our customers with the most innovative and comprehensive insights in the government contract market.  As we wrote: 2020 was no different from previous years – although there were many unforeseen circumstances, the GovWin IQ team was hard at work again in 2020 investing time and energy into resources and insights that can make difference for the customers we serve – specifically for their public sector business development priorities.

Here, we will highlight the federal market innovations the GovWin IQ team was busy bringing forward, including:

  • The Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center and Administration Transition Resource Center
  • Federal Technology Install Base – a new exclusive dataset available to GovWin IQ customers that provides RFQ insight into agency technology stacks acquired through major IT contracts
  • Enhanced GovWin Authentication – including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for individual users and Single Sign On (SSO) for organizations, plus customer login updates
  • Operational Improvements – including faster and more frequent analyst updates on opportunities and real-time SAM.Gov monitoring

Federal Technology Install Base

This exclusive window into agencies’ technology stacks was engineered to and is already helping IT product firms, systems integrators, and value-added resellers of all sizes to identify upcoming maintenance renewals, agency product refreshes, and replacements for end-of-life products that is not published anywhere else! Federal Technology Install Base provides visibility into agency technology stacks acquired through the major IT contracts (GSA Schedule 70, NASA SEWP, ARMY ITES Hardware, and ADMC 2).

  • Access brand names, model, quantities, etc. to identify leads for your business
  • Gain knowledge of when RFQs on these contracts went out to industry so you can plan accordingly
  • Connect with the point of contact buying your technology to understand their requirements
  • Gain 4+ years of market data (with expansions planned) from FY 2016 – FY 2020

Gain Insight Into Government Technology Preferences

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Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center

Looking for a one-stop shop to find the latest information and implications of COVID-19 on contracting at all levels of government? The Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center hosts articles, analysis and on-demand webinars to give you the information you need.

  • Stay up-to-date on government procurements tied to the ongoing Federal and SLED COVID-19 response
  • Access free resources from our analyst team to ensure that you stay informed during this time of uncertainty
  • Leverage the Federal Spending Analytics tool to gain insight into how spending is developing for COVID-19 related contracts

Administration Transition Resource Center

We are excited to be introducing a brand-new resource center in our GovWin IQ platform to help government contractors stay informed during the Biden administration change and to keep pace with its implications for contracting at all levels of government. This hub will be a go-to for insights and resources curated by GovWin analysts to help government contractors best navigate the new administration.

  • Running digest for insights pertaining to key policy decisions, leadership appointments, executive orders, as well as legislation
  • Articles will be available for free to all (including a public page for non GovWin IQ customers and logged-in page for customers)

Enhanced Authentication

Enjoy a more secure way of accessing GovWin IQ with GovWin’s enhanced authentication features.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be implemented by an individual user to authenticate by email or smartphone
  • Single Sign On (SSO) offers simplified GovWin login using your corporate credentials

Additionally, throughout the year we have been offering faster and more frequent analyst updates on opportunities and real-time SAM.Gov monitoring, to give customers the information they need when they need it.

Interested in learning about how your team can use these innovations – in tandem with GovWin IQ’s platform of government market intelligence – to build your federal strategy for 2021? Schedule a demo with a GovWin representative to see how your business can benefit.


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