How the 2020 Election Could Impact Federal Government Contracting

Posted by Nick Schiffler on October 29, 2020

2020 Election Federal Government Contractors

The GovWin research team of more than 150 federal and state, local and education (SLED) market analysts provide in-depth research reports, timely articles, webinars, presentations and consultations to help clients build business development plans and navigate the government market effectively. GovWin’s latest federal analysis examines the 2020 election and the potential ramifications for federal government contracting, and explores how the government’s coronavirus response will play a part.

2020 has brought unprecedented upheaval to the way contractors do business, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the scope of the response from the federal government. In addition, the 2020 election stands to make a major impact on the federal government contracting market in both the near-term and long-term future.

In this changing environment, smart businesses can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date information on the federal market. That’s what GovWin’s research experts will provide at FedFocus 2021, a free virtual conference at 2:00 PM ET on November 17, 2020, explaining the state of the federal market for the year ahead.

Leading this conference will be Deltek’s Deniece Peterson, Director of Federal Market Analysis, and Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions. Attendees can expect to gain valuable information about a number of topics tied to federal government contracting in the year ahead, including:

  • Appropriations and contract spending outlook for FY 2021
  • Impact of the elections on government contracting and policy
  • Major trends in government contracting
  • Business development in the era of social distancing

So don’t hesitate – make sure to reserve your spot for the event today! You won’t want to miss GovWin’s experts breaking down the impact of the election on federal contracting, and key tips to succeed in the market in the year ahead.

The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19 and its Impact on Federal Government Contracting

One of the topics most shaping this election cycle has been the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic along with the depth and breadth of the federal government’s response. For the foreseeable future, federal agencies will continue to require significant support from vendors to aid in the response to the coronavirus by providing necessary products and services, from healthcare materials to information technology solutions to cleaning supplies.

GovWin has continued to monitor the government’s response, and in a recent session hosted at Deltek Insight, Deltek’s Kevin Plexico spoke about the current environment for government contractors at the federal level and what to expect in the next several years.


COVID-19 Implications for the Federal Contracting Market

Watch the Webinar


In this webinar, which is now available for free-on-demand at the link above, Plexico also provided insight into what companies can do to improve their success in federal government contracting.

Top Opportunities to Target in Federal Contracting in 2021

No matter what repercussions the election has, contractors will still be able to count on a few bellwether opportunities as the calendar turns to 2021 and beyond.

GovWin’s Top Opportunities for 2021 reports reveal the 50 key market opportunities that offer up more than $400B in contract value, between those that are unrestricted, set-aside opportunities, AEC opportunities and professional services opportunities. These reports offer the details on upcoming and current contracts that are likely to shape the marketplace in the next 12 months, regardless of how the ballots have been filled out.


“Agencies are releasing billions of dollars’ worth of free & open solicitations. Is your firm poised to pursue and win these lucrative bids?”


For more government contracting analysis on the election specifically and government contracting in general, you can access the broad spectrum of market information and research produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: In-depth federal and SLED market analysis

Or if you’re looking for a resource that can empower your business to navigate the government contracting market, you might be a good fit for GovWin IQ. Not yet a subscriber? Click the link to learn about Deltek's GovWin IQ service.

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