Get Insights into Government Contracting Leads with Professional Services Tracked Opportunities

Posted by Logan Ferro on June 4, 2020

Professional Services Tracked Opportunities

GovWin IQ proudly offers Tracked Opportunities as the most holistic view into government contracting leads on the market, and that coverage now includes Professional Services. These opportunities provide deep insights into leads because they are individually tracked by our recognized and trusted team of over 150 research analysts.

These opportunities are often documented up to five years ahead of the RFP solicitation date. This advance notice allows the chance to contact decision makers early on in the procurement process, giving you lead time to shape RFPs in your direction. Information is gathered from a variety of sources including but not limited to agency and government websites, agency forecasts and events.

Our analysts are recognized within the federal, state, local and education contracting space and are often able to gather information related to these upcoming opportunities from their own professional network. Our analysts have nurtured relationships with many governing decision makers over the years. That recognition is what allows Tracked Opportunities to have detailed, analyst-monitored updates, to get you in early and stay informed throughout the procurement process.  Often these opportunities are monitored from the pre-RFP stage through contract award, with detailed updates provided throughout the procurement cycle. This best serves our customers by ensuring they have access to the critical information necessary when making strategic bid/no-bid decisions.


Professional Services Tracked Opportunities

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Get the Deepest Insight into Government Contracting Leads

As the ultimate force multiplier, GovWin IQ is able to gather and organize information that would cost you critical time and resources. Based on availability, common tracked opportunities details include:

  • Opportunity Resources: Review captured documents, addendums, conference attendee lists, proposals, contracts, bidders lists, meeting minutes, budgets and more to give you a detailed look into the procurement landscape
  • Organization Information: Review updates directly from the buying organization and feel prepared while you’re preparing to bid
  • Procurement Timeline: Stay informed with early identification, tracking updates and pushing notifications to your email help you stay ahead when it matters most
  • Contract Information: Access announcements of sources sought, RFQs, RFIs, contract requirements, expiration information and project value
  • Bid Tabulation Data: Compete with confidence with access to historical bid records to ensure you’re priced effectively

GovWin IQ has previously maintained Tracked Opportunities for the information technology industry in the state & local space. However, earlier this year, our analysts expanded that focus into the professional services industry. As a complex industry with lots of sub-industries, the professional services expansion will give greater insights not found anywhere else into this market, and help vendors win professional services contracts.

Professional Services Tracked Opportunities in a Variety of Industries

The first three areas of tracked opportunities will include the following professional services industries:

  • Strategic Consulting: High level development, planning, advising, review and assessment of broad initiatives
  • Business Management: Tactical services in implementation, management, and administration of various programs
  • Financial Services: Specific financial services relating to public finances, including accounting, auditing, and administration

Expansion into other professional services areas such as health services, staffing, legal, and marketing services are the next areas that are expected to be rolled out in the coming months.

Tracked Opportunities are ideal for a variety of roles in your organization; but specifically for individuals in the departments that look after company growth.. Senior management & executives often rely on these records as a means to review pipeline strength with timelines and value estimates and to track their competition. Alternatively, sales people and sales management are able to maintain and grow pipeline development with the insight to foster relationships with key POCs making decisions. This in turn leads to strategizing on a proposal to position the company as a viable identity for the contract fulfillment. Proposal development professionals often win more business with key insights to shape proposals and marketing specialists are able to better strategize company positioning and determine opportunities to generate leads.

Looking to take the next steps in your contracting journey? Register for our on-demand webinar, How Professional Services Firms Grow with GovWin IQ, to learn how to expand your pipeline of government contracting leads and win more business.

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