Tools for Federal Government Contractors to Navigate COVID-19 Purchasing

Posted by Nick Schiffler on May 4, 2020

Tools for Federal Government Contractors

Federal agencies have received massive injections of funding as they continue to respond to COVID-19’s health and economic impacts. This has created major implications for federal government contractors, and in a time where the contracting environment is in flux, having trusted, timely and accurate information is more vital than ever.  

GovWin is continuing to assist government contractors with their ability to navigate the government response to the coronavirus by providing complimentary analysis and opportunity highlights that are tied to COVID-19. Additionally, Deltek’s SVP of Information Solutions Kevin Plexico and Director of Federal Market Analysis Deniece Peterson have combined to analyze the implications of the coronavirus response efforts for those in the federal government contracting market in this recent webinar, available for free viewing at the link below – along with a host of other COVID-19 response webinars.


COVID-19 Implications for Federal Government Contractors

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This blog highlights the latest research from GovWin’s Federal Market Analysis team, including a look at government spending tied to the response to COVID-19, as well as tools and resources that contractors can use to best prepare their business for the changing economic climate ahead.

“The response to COVID-19 has challenged the federal government in a number of areas, for which they will continue to need contractor support.”

Deniece Peterson, Director of Federal Market Analysis, Deltek


Implications for Federal Government Contractors

Over the course of the last two months the federal government has been passing major bills to combat the threat of COVID-19. More than two billion dollars of response funding has been approved through four pieces of legislation, and even more is widely expected to become available in the coming months. Additionally, changes in procurement limitations and authorities are helping acquisitions be completed at a quicker pace.

This makes it crucial for contractors to understand where the response funding is going. Here is a breakdown of the four major bills passed, and the areas on which each legislation has focused:

  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security ACT (CARES): $2.2% to provide assistance to individuals, businesses, hospitals and healthcare workers, as well as funding for medical equipment, testing, and additional paid leave and student loan provisions
  • Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act: $484B to provide funding for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and grants, plus expand testing and diagnostic capabilities
  • Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020: $8.3B to develop vaccines and diagnostics, procure medical products and supply support for small businesses and international entities
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act, 2020: $2.5B to expand support for nutrition and food programs, disease exposure control plans, paid leave benefits and increased medical assistance

Contractors in areas impacted by these spending bills should know that they have an opportunity to aid the federal government’s response. GovWin’s recent webinar goes into more detail about this spending, including an agency-by-agency recap of recent federal investments, changes to federal contracting provisions, which existing procurements have been disrupted, and of course what all of it is likely to mean for contractors across the major industry sectors.

The Latest Insight on the Federal Government’s Response to the Coronavirus

Every week in the ongoing federal government COVID-19 response brings changes, which makes it vital for contractors to keep up with the latest analysis of spending and procurement to understand how they can factor into the response efforts. Here are some of the latest articles sourced from GovWin’s Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center offering the latest information to help them navigate COVID-19 contracting.

Data Quality is Imperative for Providing Insight into Federal Contract Spending for COVID-19: Oversight of the federal contract spending tied to COVID-19 is necessary to prevent waste, fraud and abuse. This article closely examines COVID-19 spending data accuracy, data entry and data coding.

Department of Veterans Affairs Coronavirus Response Highlights: The VA has implemented an aggressive public health response, and will continue to need contractor support in areas like PPE, medical supplies and equipment, construction, IT, healthcare staffing and cleaning services.

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Intelligence Community: A number of federal agencies are feeling the effects of the ongoing pandemic, including the Intelligence Community (IC). The need to shut secure facilities and practice social distancing has helped identify opportunities for change in the IC world.

COVID-19 Related Federal IT Spending: Federal agencies have spent more than $1B on information technology goods and services in response to the pandemic. This blog looks at which agencies are spending most, and part two breaks down the data by hardware type and service area.

Of course, the impact of the pandemic is being felt in real time, as each day brings changes to an already fluid government contracting market. To stay on top of the most current government response efforts, you can register for GovWin’s ongoing series of COVID-19 webinars, which will feature the latest research and insight from GovWin’s analyst team on both the federal and SLED (state, local and education) markets.

Or if you’re looking for a resource that can empower your business to navigate the government contracting market during the coronavirus outbreak, click below to learn more about GovWin IQ, the platform of market intelligence that offers efficient search tools to help you find relevant opportunities while saving valuable time.