6 Highlights from GovWin IQ in 2019

Posted by Nick Schiffler on January 22, 2020

GovWin IQ Highlights From 2019

2019 was another year of tremendous growth and innovation for GovWin IQ. Clients were able to gain access to more innovative ways to grow their government sales, all while benefiting from the increased availability of government contracting data and the many user-friendly new features that were added to the GovWin IQ platform.

Here is just a sampling of the contracting data from the federal and state, local and education government markets that was added to GovWin IQ last year:

  • 2,000,000+ Task Orders Awards
  • 1,300,000+ Federal Labor Rates
  • 850,000+ Federal Contract Awards
  • 100,000+ State, Local and Education Contract Awards
  • 1,300+ FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Documents

But that’s not all – 2019 was full of new and enhanced features that helped to make life easier for those involved in government contracting. Below we’ve provided a brief look back at some of the most noteworthy features and upgrades that GovWin IQ rolled out over the last 12 months.

Optimize Competitive Pricing Strategies with Labor Pricing Analytics

One of the major upgrades in 2019 was Labor Pricing Analytics, which leveraged GovWin’s Smart Tag technology and helped GovWin clients build, export and save custom pivot tables in a matter of seconds. Users are now able to compare 16 million labor rates from more than ten thousand contractors, and can benchmark labor rates by contractor, contract type, contract value and contract vehicle.

Make Life Easier for Your Sales Teams with Territory Manager

Clients can now distribute their opportunities to the correct individuals in their organization, based on territory assignments, using the Territory Manager feature in GovWin IQ. This feature helps to define a central set of searches that will help feed sales teams with qualified opportunities, and allows users to track sales activity and diligence while also receiving access to reports and analytics.

Understand Federal Government Agencies with Federal Organization Charts

With upgraded federal organization charts, users can now navigate the layers of federal bureaucracy with confidence. GovWin’s enriched org charts make it easy for government contractors to find the right buyers and drive demand by providing complete, up-to-date insight of the organizational structures of federal agencies, departments and offices.

Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Spending & Opportunity Data

The addition of government contracting data related to Other Transaction Authority (OTA) spending empowered users to identify new opportunities and updates from multiple OTA entry points within GovWin IQ, determine which OTA activities are going through consortia or consortium management firms, and gain visibility and analyze the activity in this unique market.

A Seamless Transition to beta.SAM.gov

In November, the government website Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps, or FBO.gov) was transitioned to a new site, beta.SAM.gov. During the entirety of this changeover, GovWin IQ has continued to deliver a seamless transition of federal government contracting data through the integration of procurement notice data within GovWin’s opportunities and contract databases – ensuring that our clients don’t miss out on the federal government contracting opportunities that they need to receive on a daily basis.

GovWin IQ Optimized for Mobile and Tablet Usage

Last year we enhanced the user experience for our clients accessing GovWin IQ on mobile devices. Mobile users can review their opportunities and mark, sort, share and send them to their CRM without having to scroll or pinch their screen – no matter the size of their device. New, responsive items include:

  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • My Inbox
  • Emails from GovWin IQ
  • Saved Search
  • Marked Opportunities/Updates
  • Shared Items
  • Task Order Opportunities Notifications (TOONS)

These are just some of the enhancements and upgrades that we made to GovWin IQ in 2019, and there will be plenty more to come as we continue to grow in 2020.

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