October 2019 SLED Analysis: Examining the State and Local AEC Market

Posted by Nick Schiffler on November 6, 2019

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Our research into the SLED market during October featured a comprehensive look at public sector investment in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) services. We also recapped the most notable state and local market trends from Q3 2019 and examined health and human services, transportation and data human services spending.

Sizing Up the State and Local AEC Market

The combined market of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects make up the largest segment within state, local and education (SLED) government contracting. GovWin’s State and Local Market Analysis research team took a deep dive into this vital component of government procurement in their recent report examining public sector investment in AEC. Included in the report are counts of competitive opportunities and future projects within various sub-sectors of AEC, shares of projects by size, shares of projects by level of government and data on total government spending.

The news for companies providing construction services is positive, as the market for bids and RFPs has remained consistent over the last several years, and is expected to do the same going forward.

Source: GovWin IQ

Source: GovWin IQ

For businesses aiming to win architecture & engineering services contracts from state and local governments, the outlook is even better, as there has been a consistent upward trend in the number of bids and RFPs released. 

Source: GovWin IQ

Source: GovWin IQ

The State and Local Procurement Snapshot from Q3 of 2019

GovWin Principal Research Analyst Paul Irby has just released the quarterly review of the overall state and local government contracting market. In this State & Local Procurement Snapshot – Q3 2019 report, readers will find detailed information on twelve major categories within the SLED spending marketplace, plus a unique analysis of how doing business with the public sector can provide businesses with additional stability and a predictable revenue stream during a recession.

“The slight overall decline in SLED bids is driven by greater purchasing efficiency as well as expectations for economic slowing, pointing to a cautious, but still healthy, path forward.”

A Review of Q3 Health and Human Services Government Contracts

Government solicitations within the field of health and human services (HHS) saw a slight dip in Q3 compared to the previous quarter, but there were several thousand opportunities to be found. Research Analyst Brynn Bruder has provided a study of health and human services procurement activity, including some of the most notable solicitation releases and recent contract awards. 

“Most solicitations in Q3 originated from state departments, followed closely by cities and counties. Additionally, given their size and population, New York, California, Texas, Florida and Ohio were responsible for a significant amount of these bids.”

City Tech Collaborative Launches an Advanced Mobility Roadmap

A new advanced mobility roadmap initiative released by City Tech Collaborative aims to drive urban mobility innovation in the city of Chicago, writes Research Analyst Brian Delmolino. The model, which could serve as a template for other plans nationwide, addresses key areas of urban mobility including multimodal connectivity, public transit access and smart infrastructure management.

“There are numerous such plans… to develop new and innovative ways in which citizens can utilize transportation through technology, and it will likely remain an industry to watch for the coming years as more entities look to improve in this area.”

Maryland Launches Cloud-Based Social Services Platform

Another innovative technology plan comes from the state of Maryland, which is moving forward with the development of a cloud-based platform to coordinate key social services, called MD THINK. This platform will ease the process of collecting data and help Maryland’s Department of Human Services operate more efficiently. 

“By 2021, state officials aim to make MD THINK fully operational. This would include integrating the eligibility and enrollment processes, child support services, and the health benefit exchange.”

To read more of the analysis produced by both our SLED and Federal Market Analysis teams, simply click on this link.

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