November 2019 Federal Analysis: IT Contracting Trends for the New Year

Posted by Nick Schiffler on November 27, 2019

Acquisition Guidance in OMBs Revised Circular A 130

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In this feature you can get highlights from FedFocus 2020 featuring insights from the GSA and VA, research reports examining the markets for information security and big data government contracts, along with information on managing the federal government’s transition from FBO to


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A Focus on Federal IT Contracting in 2020

With a new federal budget deal for two years providing more certainty now in place, government contractors are in a good position to move aggressively to grow develop their sales strategies. GovWin’s on-demand FedFocus 2020 event prepares businesses for 2020 and features speakers Stephanie Shutt, Director of the Multiple Awards Scheduled (MAS) Program Management Office for the GSA; and David Catanoso, Director of the Enterprise Cloud Solutions Office (ESCO) for the VA. This webinar is beneficial for contractors in all industries but particularly for those who are focused on federal IT contracting.

“Join Deltek and speakers from GSA and VA for insights into the federal contracting environment that can help position your company for success in the upcoming fiscal year.”

Analysis of the Federal Information Security and Big Data Government Markets

According to new reports from GovWin, two specific areas within the IT government contracting space are offering major growth potential. The market for federal information security continues to build, as constantly evolving cybersecurity threats to federal systems are driving agencies towards investing more money in mobile solutions and cloud technology that addresses security.

Additionally, the market for big data government contracts continues to expand. Many federal agencies are updating their modernization strategies and including focus areas like advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These agencies are expected to continue to look for big data technology solutions throughout the next several years.

Managing the Transition from FBO to

Earlier in November the government transitioned its procurement site for activities over $25k from FBO to the new webpage. GovWin Senior Research Manager Kathleen Sievers covered this transition in detail, explaining the reasons behind the change, the timeline of the transition and additional information that government vendors need to know.

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A Strategic Look at FY 2020 Department of Veterans Affairs Contracts

The VA takes a critical role in serving the nation’s veterans, and VA contracts can play an important role in the sales strategies of many businesses. The VA Strategic Outlook for 2019-2020, presented by GovWin Senior Research Analysts Angie Petty and Kevin Andrews, explores how the agency is aiming to become more efficient and effective by partnering with private companies.

 “Attend this webinar to learn the latest on VA budget outlook, procurement and contract spending trends, preferred contract vehicles and top contractors.”

How Category Management and Spend Under Management are Related

Do you know how Category Management and Spend Under Management might impact your business? GovWin Senior Manager Jennifer Sakole dives into category management and explains how the GovWin IQ platform is able to help address the most common concerns of contractors.

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You can access more of the analysis produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: In-depth federal and SLED market analysis

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