How to Use GovWin IQ to Make Better Decisions on Federal Government Bids

Posted by Nick Schiffler on October 14, 2019

Bid Decisions

Finding enough relevant federal government bids, RFPs, and contract vehicles is only half the battle when developing a successful government sales strategy. Just as important – if not more so – is determining which opportunities are a good fit for your business.

Often, contractors who are struggling to hit their targets in government sales could use a boost with determining which federal government contracting leads might be worth their time and resources. These businesses may have a system in place to choose which opportunities to target and which to let pass by, but that system might not allow them to track their targeted opportunities throughout the entire lifecycle, or give them enough notice to set up a pipeline to set them up for success years down the road.

So what are some ways to remove the guesswork from your bidding decisions and pick out the right federal bids to go after?

  • Gather Competitive Analysis: Knowing what contracts the competition holds – or doesn’t hold – can be vital. The data within the GovWin IQ platform on past contracts, solicitation details, and incumbents enables you to see which opportunities you can target.
  • Understand Agency Information: Wouldn’t it be great to predict where agencies are going to be spending money years in advance? GovWin’s forecast pre-RFP intelligence and in-depth research give you a window into future spending and gives you time to analyze.
  • Utilize Teaming Resources: Often you might find an enticing bid that you can’t win on your own. Leverage the GovWin Network to locate the teaming partners your business development teams need to successfully compete for and win government contracts.

By being more strategic about which bids and contract vehicles you are targeting, and taking advantage of all the data that is available, you’ll be able to standardize your opportunity evaluations and set up your business for its best chance for success when seeking new federal government contracting opportunities.

Pursue the Right Federal Government Bids with Actionable Market Intelligence

These are proven methods that help businesses refine their bidding strategies. We have seen scores of our clients up their success rates in selling to the federal sector by getting more advance information on government bids and RFPs in order to, finding out which opportunities their competitors are incumbent on, and identifying which government contracts and vehicles are good fits on which to partner with another organization.

Advanced Management Strategies Group (AMSG) is one such organization. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that provided program support services, AMSG was spending too much time researching opportunities, incumbents, and past contract documents. They struggled to make effective bid decisions – until they joined GovWin.

“I needed a tool that provides me with the research and information needed to make proposal decisions – information that I knew GovWin IQ would have.”

Christine Taylor, Director of Proposal Management and Marketing, AMSG

Now, AMSG is making more informed decisions on which federal government bids to go after, and has gained a competitive edge on contract re-bids by having access to valuable government contracting information well ahead of time.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of GovWin’s clients who are successfully leveraging market intelligence and government contracting resources to make better bidding decisions, you can request a free trial of the GovWin IQ service by clicking on the link below.



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