State Spending Focus: Louisiana Disaster Preparedness and Response Contracts

Posted by Nick Schiffler on October 18, 2019

Louisiana Disaster Preparedness and Response Contracts

Between hurricanes, flooding, and other environmental threats, Louisiana and its towns and counties are some of the locations most vulnerable to potential natural and man-made disasters. The state’s vulnerability to natural disasters provides an opportunity for government contractors to assist in providing vital disaster relief and preparedness services.

Businesses can help by identifying government bids and RFPs coming from the state of Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, or any of Louisiana’s many other state and local government agencies.


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Louisiana’s State and Local Governments are Spending to Respond to Disasters

A common misconception about preparing for and responding to natural disasters is that the issue falls mainly on federal government agencies to solve. While those agencies are certainly important, a strong, proactive local and regional plan is needed to prepare for when the next major disaster – be it a hurricane, a flood, or a tornado - hits.

Agencies are preparing by releasing contracts years in advance, in a wide variety of industry categories. As just one example, in GovWin’s special report, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2019, Expanding Levees was found to be one of the 10 fastest-growing areas of state and local government bids and RFPs, with bids related to building or strengthening levees growing by 23% over the past year.

Other common industry ties to disaster preparedness can include opportunities like the following:

While bigger coastal state governments like the state of Texas and the state of Florida do offer more government contracts in terms of sheer volume, few states budget for disaster services contracts in relative proportion to its population like Louisiana does.

Disaster Preparedness Contracts in Louisiana Appear Years in Advance

Governments often act cautiously when it comes to taking on new initiatives, waiting until there’s a compelling case to be made before committing a large sum of money in their budget. But this rule doesn’t hold true when it comes to disasters. Taking a proactive contracting approach, and preparing for the “big one” before it arrives, can help save lives.

For example, Lafourche Parish, located in the south of Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico, recently put out a bid for Debris Monitoring Management and Consulting Services. The bid requested contractors to give their services on an as-needed basis, ensuring that in the event of a natural disaster or public emergency, the Parish will be prepared to respond.

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