September 2019 Federal Analysis: Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications, and Data Center Spending

Posted by Nick Schiffler on September 26, 2019

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In this feature we highlight analysis from our federal research team, including free summaries of research reports from three key federal IT segments – cloud computing, mobile applications, and data centers – along with insights into construction contracting and DOJ spending.


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Analysis of Federal Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications, and Data Centers

The federal information technology market is one of the most dynamic and constantly-changing fields within government contracting. GovWin’s Federal Market Analysis team regularly dives deep into this market to uncover some of the key spending trends for businesses selling to the government to know. Three of the areas within IT contracting that our team has focused on recently are technology mobility, data centers, and the ever-important cloud computing market.

Below are highlights of these three reports and ways that your government contracting business can benefit.

Federal Cloud Computing Market, 2019-2024: Cloud applications are a rapidly growing space within government contracting, and our Federal Market Analysis team recently took a comprehensive look at this market. The free summary of this report highlights the factors and strategies driving this market, along with unique spending profiles and forecasts for the top 18 federal agencies using cloud computing solutions.

Federal Data Center Landscape, 2020: GovWin Senior Principal Research Analyst Angie Petty examined trends in data center spending, cost savings, and new technologies. The report includes specific recommendations for contractors to use in order to help support federal data center consolidation and optimization efforts.

Federal Mobility Landscape, 2020: Research Analyst Christine Fritsch has analyzed what federal government agencies are doing to prepare for a more mobile-centric environment. This research looks at the types of mobile products and services that governments are purchasing, plus tips for businesses to use when trying to land mobility-related government contracts.

The DOJ Spending Outlook for 2019 and Beyond

As the Department of Justice faces priorities such as tackling the opioid crisis and improving cybersecurity, it will continue to turn to government contractors for assistance. Join Research Analysts Christine Fritsch and Nathaniel Kulyk for a free, on-demand webinar covering the Department of Justice Strategic Outlook for 2019 and Beyond, and learn about the agency’s priorities, spending patterns, and potential project leads.

“GovWin’s federal market experts Christine Fritsch and Nathaniel Kulyk will give you the tools you need to help build sales plans for the DOJ.”

The Risks Posed by Construction Contract Change Orders

Construction contractors will know that unforeseen changes to the scope of a project occur all the time. This is true when it comes to government jobs, as well – agencies often need to take extra care that they are spending their budget in a cost-efficient manner, which can lead to last-second changes. Research Analyst Matthew Weigelt wrote an article tackling the complicated issue of change orders, and explaining how overall contract spending on construction projects has changed, along with some of the factors that lead to contract timeframes changing.

“Contract change orders can be time-consuming, and… they can be unknown risks to companies. The government, however, has its own priorities to make sure it is allocating federal dollars wisely.”

Examining VETMACC, a Key Navy Contracting Opportunity from NAVFAC

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) frequently uses Multiple Award Construction Contracts (MACCs) on a regional basis when seeking government vendors, as a way to speed up procurement. One of the most prominent such MACCs is the Northwest region’s VETMACC contract, a set-aside for veteran-owned businesses. Research Analyst Kara Crowe took an in-depth look at this contracting opportunity, and explained how construction businesses can benefit by targeting MACC opportunities like this one.

 “These vehicles present the government with more efficient and expeditious means to contract task orders and planned projects by utilizing already identified and vetted vendors on the vehicles. Largely, these vehicles are well utilized and sought after within the federal AEC landscape.” 

You can access more of the analysis produced by both our Federal and SLED Market Analysis teams using the following link: Access in-depth SLED and federal market analysis

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