March 2019 Federal Analysis: 8(a) Contracting Trends and the 2020 Budget

Posted by Nick Schiffler on March 22, 2019

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In this feature we highlight timely analysis from our federal research team, including an examination of the FY 2020 federal budget, a look at the new artificial intelligence policy from the Department of Defense, along with some of the top small business government contracting trends relevant to 8(a) contractors in 2019.


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The Top 8(a) Contracting Trends for 2019

Small businesses and 8(a) businesses can compete and win federal government contracts, but to give themselves the best chances for success, they need timely, relevant information to keep them ahead of the game – and ahead of their competitors. That’s why Kathleen Sievers, GovWin Senior Manager of Federal Research, hosted an on-demand webinar highlighting 8(a) trends for the current year. Listeners to the webinar will learn about key set-aside opportunities, trends tied to current successful 8(a) firms, and tips and tricks for 8(a) government contractors to build their growth strategies.

“Join GovWin’s federal market expert Kathleen Sievers to identify the significant trends and changes affecting 8(a) businesses, including which agencies are buying your goods and services and potential prime contracting dollars awarded to exiting 8(a) firms.”

A New Artificial Intelligence Policy from the Department of Defense

The Department of Defense (DoD) is looking to increase their use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to keep US military operations safe and effective. Research Analyst John Slye has highlighted how the DoD’s new AI policy will create investment by delivering AI-enabled capabilities that address critical missions. He also highlights the agencies that have specific plans to increase their investments in artificial intelligence technology, as displayed in the graph below.

 “The DoD is pursuing partnering activities with private sector technology companies, academia and global allies to advance AI capabilities and deployment, and that should likely result in additional contract and grant awards, further spurring market growth.”

Initial Thoughts on President Trump’s FY 2020 Budget

The federal budget request for 2020 is finally available, and it includes a number of program priorities and course changes that could impact federal government contractors. Kevin Plexico, SVP of Information Solutions for Deltek, and Deniece Peterson, Director of Federal Market Analysis for GovWin, explain some of the emerging challenges and potential opportunities in this 2020 budget webinar.

“Join GovWin's federal market experts as they dive into the budget landscape for FY 2020, policy priorities impacting agency direction, and what it all means for government contractors.”

Congressional Research Service Delivers a Report on OTAs

Federal agencies are constantly looking to find more effective and more efficient ways of making acquisitions happen. One of those methods growing in popularity is the Other Transaction Authority (OTA). Alex Rossino, Senior Principal Research Analyst for GovWin, joined Tom Temin of the Federal News Network for a recent podcast discussing a report the Congressional Research Services just released concerning OTAs.

“[The Congressional Research Service] wanted to define for Congress how the OTA works, why it was established, and what the potential benefits and risks are of using it.”

How the VA Uses Telehealth to Improve Care and Convenience

Telehealth is a growing trend within healthcare government contracting as agencies work to deliver critical services to those who need it, wherever they are. GovWin Research Analyst Angie Petty wrote about how the VA is bringing telehealth to veterans, and the programs, tools, and capabilities that are common in this important space.

“VA believes telehealth is a key element to improving health outcomes, care access and veteran satisfaction. The combination of the Anywhere to Anywhere initiative and the VA MISSION Act are giving the VA the ability to deliver care to veterans in their homes, workplaces, or through community partners.”

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