State Spending Focus: Georgia Healthcare Technology Contracting

Posted by Nick Schiffler on March 14, 2019

The Town of Athens in the State of Georgia

Just over a year ago the National Institutes for Health awarded a five-year, $10 million contract to the Atlanta-based Center for AIDS Research at Emory University.

The contract, one of many that GovWin IQ has found to be relevant for those doing business with the state of Georgia, allows the center to continue its work in tackling the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.


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Georgia is home to more than just one renowned medical research center. It’s a recognized hotbed for the global healthcare industry, with top universities in health-related fields and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calling Atlanta their home base. And all of that leads to a wealth of state government contracting opportunities for proactive healthcare and technology vendors.

Georgia Agencies Spend Millions Annually on Inmate Healthcare

For businesses connected to the healthcare industry directly or indirectly, the public sector market in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia provides a large number of government contracting opportunities.

One of the biggest public sector hotspots for healthcare services spending is Georgia, and not just in the state’s biggest city. For example, Chatham County, which encompasses the coastal city of Savannah, spends millions annually for inmate healthcare. To help the county handle the workload, Correct Health was awarded a $7.2 million contract in June 2018 for providing professional healthcare services, which includes medical care, mental health, and dental healthcare, as well as pharmacy and substance abuse services.

This contract information and much more was covered by the GovWin IQ market intelligence platform, which offers the most comprehensive set of state, local, and education government contracting information anywhere.

Fulton County Looks to Vendors to Help with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

A total of 21 vendors, such as Advanced Therapeutics Concepts and Odyssey Family Counseling, are taking over the role that Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health plays in dealing with people in need of mental health services. The vendors provide care for outpatient mental health and substance use disorders.

The county expects those companies and organizations to offer highly coordinated, technologically advanced, and person-centered services. They are counted on to understand emerging needs, increase services where they are needed, and improve quality of life for county residents with behavioral health conditions.

Vendor and company insights like these are some of the features that can be included with a GovWin IQ subscription, empowering your company to find potential partners for teaming or size up your competitors in your specific market space.

Tech Companies Can Pursue Georgia Government Contracting Opportunities

As with all other areas of industry, information technology is playing a critical role in transforming healthcare – sometimes referred to as ‘eHealth.’ Tech companies are finding opportunities to improve local government healthcare services, such as helping agencies optimize their electronic health record systems. Other common examples help improve basic healthcare and medical service tasks like order entry, results reviews, appointment registration, and scheduling. Government agencies are also issuing contracts to help implement and maintain systems.

Regardless of whether you work in sales or marketing for a healthcare-specific company, a community service organization, or an IT software company, government agencies in Atlanta, throughout the state of Georgia, and in states across the nation are issuing lucrative contracting opportunities relevant to your business.

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