State Spending Focus: Florida Government Contracting in IT and Education

Posted by Nick Schiffler on February 14, 2019

Businesses interested in selling to the government in Florida have a wide range of opportunities. Many of these opportunities come from the education sector, whether it be construction of new school facilities or the provision of information technology products and services.

One example of a district requiring services of all types is Hillsborough County, which serves Tampa and the surrounding communities, and ranks as the eighth largest school district in the nation, with more than 203,500 students in 279 schools. Hillsborough County is just one of the many education agencies offering Florida government contracting opportunities that have been tracked within the GovWin IQ market intelligence platform.


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Spending on Maintenance Contracts Necessary for Florida Government Agencies

Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa, and other state and local governments in Florida frequently issue contracts for work that centers on operations and maintenance to ensure proper upkeep of educational facilities. Typically, a large portion of these contracts focus on such services as heating and air conditioning services, electrical work, cleaning, and painting services—the necessities for “keeping the lights on” in any building, including schools.

Here are a few recent examples of these types of contracts:

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools Spends on Design and Construction Management Services

    The school district issued a bid in June 2017 for design and construction management services work valued at $49 million as it prepared to build a new high school. The project scope involved the engineering, design, and construction of a new facility on a green field site in Southern Hillsborough County.
  • Pasco County School Board Needs Maintenance Health and Safety Vendors

    As tracked in the GovWin IQ platform of government contracting market intelligence, Pasco County has allocated room in its budget for a vendor (or multiple vendors) to provide annual maintenance health and safety. 

Major Information Technology Investments in Florida Schools

A broad range of school districts across Florida have made technology investments inside classrooms that keep students acquainted with new technologies and provide relevant experience for an IT-driven job market. Like their counterparts nationwide, schools in the area have issued the majority of IT-related contracts for the basics: Internet services providers (ISPs), network services, computer products, and electronic supplies.

Here are some examples of Florida government contracting opportunities related to IT in schools:

  • Pinellas County School District Seeks Provider of Emergency Software

    The Pinellas County School District recently released an RFP for the delivery of products and services from a qualified provider of an Emergency Preparedness Software & Service Solution, as reported in GovWin IQ’s market intelligence platform.
  • Hillsborough County Awards Vendor of K-12 Classroom Software

    Hillsborough County awarded an $18,000 contract to Teaching Strategies LLC for K-12 teacher training classroom software in January of 2017.

Resources to Succeed in Florida Government Contracting

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