A Guide to Strategically Doing Business with the Department of Justice

Posted by Nick Schiffler on January 9, 2019

Deltek recently hosted a webinar highlighting the strategic outlook for the Department of Justice in the upcoming year. As federal contractors prepare their public sector sales plans for 2019, they can use this valuable resource to better understand how to win government business with this branch of the federal government.


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Department of Justice Strategic Outlook

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By combining expert analysis with the best-in-class market intelligence found within the GovWin IQ platform, Deltek has been able to craft a webinar useful to any firm interested in doing business with the Department of Justice. Principal Research Analyst Christine Fritsch and Research Analyst Nathaniel Kulyk have provided the information that businesses need to develop sales plans for selling to the federal government’s law enforcement agency.

The webinar analyzes how the Department of Justice (DoJ) is managing border security and cyber protection capabilities while also helping fight the mounting opioid crisis in many parts of the United States. A wide range of department priorities means that a broad spectrum of businesses have an opportunity to sell to the Department of Justice.

Here are three contracting-related budget priorities for the DoJ that GovWin analysts marked as notable in the presentation:

  • Additional contract investment, especially in administrative support and professional services, on immigration, the opioid crisis, law enforcement, and crime reduction.
  • IT modernization in multiple areas, including email consolidation, data center consolidation and optimization, mobility, and upgrading legacy systems for increased cyber resiliency.
  • Modernization of agency systems to match Justice Department priorities.

GovWin market analysts are constantly tracking contract opportunities and budget information coming from the Department of Justice and many other federal government agencies. They’ve highlighted the Top 5 Budget Accounts utilized by the DoJ, which businesses can leverage to determine the highest-value sales opportunities that match their own capabilities.

Aside from those five, there are plenty of other government contracting opportunities coming out of the DoJ for proactive businesses to target.

1,600+ Active Department of Defense Opportunities

Pre-RFP to Post-RFP

Here we’ve highlighted three specific examples of Department of Justice contracting opportunities to watch going into 2019, which align to services provided by different types of businesses:

  • Information Technology: FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services. Value $5B. Solicitation date estimated by Deltek to be Q1 FY 2019.
  • Professional Services: Mail Management Warehousing and General Support Services. Value estimated by Deltek to be $267.2M. Solicitation date Q2 FY 2019.
  • Professional Services: Asset Forfeiture Administration Support Services. Value estimated by Deltek to be $1.6B. Solicitation date estimated by Deltek to be Q1 FY 2019.

Selling to the Department of Justice certainly isn’t the only route federal government contractors have to grow their sales to the government. Companies that are able to do business with the Army, sell to the Navy, and contract with the Department of Defense are finding success with the help of the GovWin IQ platform.

Interested in learning how they do it? Simply request a free trial to see for yourself how GovWin IQ’s market intelligence will enable your business to grow its public sector sales. Or you can sign up to view the on-demand webinar, Department of Justice Strategic Outlook for 2018 and Beyond, by clicking on the link below.


On-Demand Webinar

Department of Justice Strategic Outlook

Watch It Now