6 Trends in the April 2015 NASA Acquisition Forecast

Posted by Deltek B2g on May 7, 2015

A new #GovList is out: 6 Trends in the April 2015 NASA Acquisition Forecast. Check back frequently for more from #GovList! NASA typically releases an update to its federal acquisition forecast in the first and third quarters of each fiscal year. Here are 6 Trends in the April 2015 NASA Acquisition Forecast.

  1. NASA’s April 2015 opportunity forecast, which includes all NASA Centers, listed 672 opportunities. Though this was 3% drop from the Q1FY2014 forecast list, it was a 14% increase in active opportunities, from 505 in Q1 to 575 in Q3.
  2. The April 2015 forecast had significantly more opportunities in the construction, research & development and services industries; however requirements for supplies (including equipment) dropped 12%.
  3. NASA currently has 163 set-aside opportunities on the forecast. This was a 51% increase in small business set-aside projects from Q1 forecast. Of these, 121 were small business set-aside with another 32 for 8(a) companies. The remaining 10 opportunities were split between Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), HUBZone, and Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Procurement strategies were not included for 25% of the active opportunities.
  4. The forecast included 15 small business opportunities with an anticipated value of over $100 million. Seven opportunities were out of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) with six currently in source selection or recently awarded. The Support for Atmospheric Sciences (SAS) requirement, tracked by Deltek under Opp ID #122580, was the only requirement with a solicitation release pending. According to the forecast, the RFP is expected in Q2 FY2016.
  5. Though GSFC had 93 active opportunities on the April 2015 forecast, the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) had more, with 99. Most of KSC’s requirements were for services, primarily custom computer programming, telecommunications and software. NASA’s Headquarters and GSFC actually had more services opportunities. NASA Headquarters requirements included 15 for administrative management and general management consulting services and another 6 for engineering services.
  6. Despite having the most active opportunities listed on the April 2015 forecast, KSC had 7% less than the previous forecast. However, both NASA Headquarters and Glenn Research Center (GRC) doubled their active listings. GRC increased construction and research & development opportunities, whereas Headquarters increased the number of services projects on the forecast.
By Nathaniel Kulyk, Research Analyst at Deltek