The 5 Most Popular Deltek GovWin IQ Opportunities Since Fiscal 2010

Posted by Deltek B2g on January 10, 2015

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This week’s list: The 5 Most Popular Deltek GovWin IQ Opportunities Since Fiscal 2010. Check back next week for more from #GovList!

Deltek’s most popular opportunities often fit the same profile: an unrestricted, multiple awards, multi-billion dollar IDIQ. Each year for the last five years, the most popular opportunity of the year has fit this profile.

1. Fiscal 2014: One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS). The GSA awarded this contract vehicle in May 2014, the vehicle seeks to provide “flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services.” 77 contractors were awarded 233 contracts. This opportunity was tracked by Deltek under Opp ID # 73498.

2. Fiscal 2013: Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge II (EAGLE II). Aside from being the most popular opportunity of 2013, this DHS program was the most protested opportunity of 2014. 47 GAO bid protests were filed by 36 unique vendors, with 8 protests denied, 37 dismissed and 2 withdrawn. This doesn’t count the 18 additional protests filed in fiscal 2013. This opportunity was tracked by Deltek under Opp ID # 33539.

3. Fiscal 2012: Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 3 (CIOSP3). More than $540 million have been obligated to the 50+ awardees for this HHS IT integration and outsourcing support services vehicle. This opportunity was tracked by Deltek under Opp ID # 42903.

4. Fiscal 2011: Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Program (T4). The follow-on to this major VA IT contact vehicle is already underway. Proposals were due in December 2014 and the first protests have already been filed. Deltek tracked the T4 program under Opp ID # 37338 and its follow-on, Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Program Next Generation (T4NG) under Opp ID # 104683.

5. Fiscal 2010: Rapid Response 3rd Generation (R2-3G). The Army awarded 18 contracts for R2-3G in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010. Rather than a direct follow-on, the requirements from the R2-3G program were combined with those from four other Army programs: Strategic Services Sourcing (S3), Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS), Technical, Administrative and Operations Support Services (TAOSS) and Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES). These requirements combined into the Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services (RS3) contract vehicle. Solicitation release is expected in February 2015. The RS3 opportunity is currently Deltek’s most popular opportunity out of more than 83,000 reports and tracked under Opp ID # 54023. The original R2-3G program is under Opp ID # 38245.

by Kathleen Sievers
Senior Manager of Research at Deltek