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Whether you’re a small or large Architecture or Engineering firm, consistent project delivery is critical to your success. That means winning the right new projects, recruiting and allocating the best resources, having real-time visibility into project status and a complete 360⁰ financial view of your business. Read on to uncover helpful tips and best practices to keep your firm operating at peak efficiency.

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Are You Managing Your Firm's Risk or Are you Putting your Firm in Jeopardy?

Mitigate risk is a common phrase heard throughout the Architecture & Engineering industry, but what does it mean and is your firm doing the right things to truly mitigate risk? Often times, risk translates to dollars, but there is more to it than just money.

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Why Project Risk Management Fails Header Image

Why Project Risk Management Fails

Project risk management can fail for many reasons – faulty assumptions, overlooked events, bias (conscious and subconscious) or a poor schedule foundation.Read on to explore the top reasons for failure and provided tips on how to get it right.

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Risk Message PPM

9 Thoughts on Delivering the Risk Message

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to analyze project risk and determine the best way to respond to it. Now, how do you best sell your findings to the powers that be? Read on to find out…

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Tips for Mitigating Schedule Risk

So you’ve run a schedule risk analysis on your project…now what?  All of your work so far has been leading up to one very important decision – how to mitigate those risks.  Read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks related to schedule risk mitigation.

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Customer Spotlight: How Deltek Acumen Helped TransCanada Cultivate Confidence in Risk Analysis

To expand the understanding and confidence of project teams with high quality risk analysis, TransCanada needed a way to simplify and streamline without giving up the quality of their results. Read on to find out why, after a careful evaluation of a variety of software solutions for schedule risk, team leaders at TransCanada settled on Deltek Acumen Risk.

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7 Reasons Acumen Risk is Better than Your Average Risk Management Tool Header Image

7 Reasons Acumen Risk is Better than Your Average Risk Management Tool

Projects rarely behave the way you want them to. Despite the best-laid plans, every project carries uncertainty and risk that all too often lead to cost and schedule overruns. Deltek Acumen Risk™ was designed to help organizations effectively account for and proactively reduce risk exposure, resulting in an accurate forecast you can rely on. Let's look at 7 reasons Acumen Risk outperforms the competition…

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How Traditional Risk Reporting Has Let Us Down Header Image

How Traditional Risk Reporting Has Let Us Down

In today’s post we’re exploring reporting techniques and new ways of interpreting risk analysis results that actually enable the project team to make proactive changes in reducing their risk exposure and increasing their chance of successful on-time, on-budget completion.

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Schedule Risk Analysis Using Deltek Acumen Risk Part 2 - Header Image

Assessing Schedule Risk Using Deltek Acumen Risk: Part 2

In Part 2 of this blog post series, Yancy Qualls discusses how - when used properly - Deltek Acumen can help identify and quantify schedule risk to a project so that immediate action can be taken to improve execution.

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Assessing Schedule Risk Using Deltek Acumen Risk: Part 1

Yancy Qualls from Humphrey & Associates explains why companies should perform schedule risk assessments (SRAs) and how Deltek Acumen can help simplify the process.

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