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Whether you’re a small or large Architecture, Engineering or Construction firm, consistent project delivery is critical to your success. That means winning the right new projects, recruiting and allocating the best resources, having real-time visibility into project status and a complete 360⁰ financial view of your business. Read on to uncover helpful tips and best practices to keep your firm operating at peak efficiency.

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Step Up Your Game with Deltek Clarity A&E Benchmarks

Catch all you need to know for this year’s 39th Architecture and Engineering Industry Report. See the results for Financial Performance, Business Development, Project Management and Talent in these webinars.

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Warning Signs Legacy Software Liability

Warning Signs your Accounting Software is becoming a Liability

How to spot the early warning signs of an aging accounting system, and tips for upgrading your Wind2, Sema4 and Advantage AEC software with little to no disruption.

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Technology Trends in AEC Industry

Keeping Up with Technology Trends in the AEC Industry

Secure, reliable accounting and project management software with advanced functionality and the ability to automate tasks is a necessity for running a profitable AEC firm.  Learn the red flags that tell you when your software is becoming a liability.

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AEC Annual Budgeting and Planning

Annual AEC Business Planning and Budgeting Made Easy

PSMJ’s Dave Burstein is an expert at helping AEC firms with their annual budgeting and planning processes and shows how to forecast expenses and revenue and demonstrates many practical tools, surveys and techniques you can use.

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Time and Expense Management

Automate Time and Expense Management

Time and Expense Management is a vital part of project delivery for every Architecture and Engineering Firm. A cloud-based solution that integrates time and expense management with accounting and project management will help you focus on billable activity to ensure maximum profitability for your firm.

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Deltek Clarity AE Overview

The Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study Results Are In

The Deltek Clarity A&E report is a great benchmarking tool and provides a succinct analysis on more than 50 KPIs A&E firms should be tracking. Every year, hundreds of U.S. and Canadian A&E firms of all sizes participate in the Deltek Clarity A&E Industry study, which covers financial performance, project management, business development and talent management in the AEC sector.

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Project Information Management for AEC Firms

Project Information Management for AEC Firms

Is your AEC firm drowning in a Sea of Data? When AEC firm and project information cannot be easily accessed or is not properly organized for fast, easy retrieval, it not only negatively impacts productivity, but also exposes a business to greater risk of litigation when key pieces of information cannot be easily located. What if managing your AEC projects and firm information could be as simple as managing your iTunes or Spotify library?

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AEC Industry

Understanding the Value of Your AE Firm

An Overview of Architectural and Engineering Firm Valuation

By Victor W. Vaccaro, Jr., CPA/ABV, CFF, CDA

There are a number of different ways to determine the value of an AE firm. Here is a summary of some of the common methods for valuing AE firms along with comments on their applications and usefulness.

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Best of A&E Blogs 2016

Annual Roundup: Best of Deltek A&E Blogs for 2016

An Annual Roundup of the best Deltek Architectural and Engineering blogs for 2016. Read them now and subscribe to the Deltek A&E blog.

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Section 179

Section 179: The Tax Break Every Business Needs to Know

As a business owner you know the importance of taking advantage of every tax break available to you. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the significant benefits of Section 179.

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