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Whether you’re a small or large Architecture or Engineering firm, consistent project delivery is critical to your success. That means winning the right new projects, recruiting and allocating the best resources, having real-time visibility into project status and a complete 360⁰ financial view of your business. Read on to uncover helpful tips and best practices to keep your firm operating at peak efficiency.

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Deltek Clarity: Process Improvement, Engagement, and Cash Flow Are Top Priorities

After eight years of strong financial performance, architectural and engineering (A&E) firms are facing a period of business disruption and uncertainty and it’s not surprising that firms are looking for ways to leverage technology and improve processes to better support their business.

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Remote Working

Empower Your Virtual Workforce With Deltek

Remote working is becoming more prevalent in the architecture and engineering industry. Whether it’s working between locations, assembling the best team for a project, or providing employees more flexibility, teams are more dispersed than ever before.

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Are You Tracking The Right Metrics For Your Firm?

Are You Tracking The Right Metrics For Your Firm?

Metrics are a powerful tool for running your business. But how can you be sure your architecture and engineering (A&E) firm is tracking the best KPIs and business metrics to drive value?

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The Results are in for the 39th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study

Catch the high level overview for this year’s 39th Architecture and Engineering Industry Report. See the results for the Financial Performance, Business Development, Project Management and Talent in these webinars.

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Addressing Cost Risk Exposure and Mitigation Header Image

Addressing Cost Risk Exposure and Mitigation

Project teams talk a lot about schedule risk mitigation. But what about cost?  There are actually quite a lot of similarities between the two processes. Read on to learn more.

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6 Steps to an Accurate EAC Header Image

6 Steps to an Accurate EAC

An EAC is the catalyst for a broad range of business functions, and it serves as the basic building block for project forecasting (and we all know that accurate project forecasting = an increased likelihood of on-time, on-budget delivery). But just how does one go about creating an accurate EAC? In six easy steps...

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End Your Love-Hate Relationship with Spreadsheets Header Image

End Your Love-Hate Relationship with Spreadsheets

Explore how you can get out of spreadsheets to improve program efficiency and better manage project costs.

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