Calling All Architecture and Engineering Influencers - Deltek Clarity Survey Closes Soon

Posted by Deltek on March 11, 2021

Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Survey is Open

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this year’s leading architecture and engineering market trends report – Deltek Clarity! This year’s survey closes on Friday, March 19.

By participating, you’ll pave the way for industry benchmarks and help shape this year’s top trends. Your input becomes part of this year’s report, reflecting the current state of the industry and influencing the best practices that thousands of architecture and engineering firms use to benchmark their firm’s performance.

Your input sets the bar for industry innovation in five critical areas: Project Management, Financial Management, Business Development, Human Capital Management, and Emerging Technology Trends. Your responses will be kept confidential, and you will receive a custom scorecard with a side-by-side view of your firm’s metrics compared to the top trends in the report.


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42nd Annual Deltek Clarity Market Trends Report Closes Friday, March 19

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Is Your Firm a High Performer?

Why do some firms consistently perform ahead of the rest? What’s their secret? Many of these firms rely on research from external sources to measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs) so they can determine where their firm is excelling and areas for improvement.

Many of these firms utilize the Deltek Clarity Report as one of these external sources to track performance metrics, such as utilization and overhead rates, total employee cost, win rates, percent of projects on budget, employee turnover, and more.

Thousands of architecture and engineering firms utilize Deltek Clarity annually to power project success and fuel business growth and profitability. How do they do it? Here are a few examples:

1. Impact Future Results and Become a High Performer

Cube 3 Studio monitors their KPIs monthly against the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Report high performer benchmarks and their firm’s trends from the past five to seven years. Their ultimate goal is to become a Deltek Clarity High Performer and tracking the metrics regularly helps. They can make sure their firm is on track and make adjustments as needed. Learn more about how this innovative design firm utilizes benchmarking to drive firm profitability.

2. Adopt a Data-Driven Approach

The M Group Architects is at the beginning of their benchmarking journey. They are moving towards a data-driven approach, having traditionally used their gut instinct instead of hard numbers to make decisions. In the past, they used the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Report to check a metric or two, but now they are moving towards establishing target numbers and goals based upon industry best practices and company growth goals. Learn more about their journey to a data-driven approach.

3. Establish Performance Goals Utilizing Industry Benchmarks

Kleinschmidt Associates utilized the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Report to help shape their overall business strategy. In 2017, the report indicated that revenue from a firm’s top three clients at a medium-sized firm averages around 45%, and at that time, only about 17% of their revenue was coming from their top three clients. They focused on expanding their foundational clients to build up a more solid base. Learn more in this blog.


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Deltek Clarity Survey Closes March 19, 2021

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Thank You for Being Part of the Deltek Clarity Survey

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will be a part of this year’s survey. This survey isn’t possible without all of you! Your firm is not required to complete all sections of the survey and at the end of the section you complete, you can refer others from your company to complete additional sections for their areas of business expertise. Any information submitted by your firm remains confidential.

The Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Industry Report provides in-depth industry analysis that helps architecture and engineering firms benchmark performance and improve results. For 40+ years, Deltek has surveyed architecture and engineering industry leaders to identify the key issues impacting the market, highlight bright spots, and forecast future trends. Deltek Clarity is the longest running and most comprehensive architecture and engineering market trends report.