Your Input Matters - Pave the Path for AEC Industry Trends

Posted by Megan Miller on January 28, 2021

Pave the Path for AEC Industry Trends

Deltek Clarity Survey is Now Open!

Your architecture and engineering firm is doing great things and we want to hear about it!  Be an influential part of this year’s leading market trends survey – Deltek Clarity. You’ll pave the way for industry trends and benchmarks, plus receive a custom scorecard to measure your firm’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in comparison to industry averages and high performer metrics.

You’ll see how your architecture and engineering firm performance compares to similar firms in the industry so you can easily identify if your firm is on track and identify areas for improvement.


Pave the Path for Industry Trends

42nd Annual Deltek Clarity Survey

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Benchmark Your Architecture and Engineering Firm to Improve Results

To set up your architecture and engineering firm for project and business success, it is critical to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and challenges in the industry. Your participation in this year’s survey is the first step to benchmark your firm within the industry. Architecture and Engineering firms that participate in this survey utilize the report to effectively benchmark their firms against firms of all sizes while better understanding the factors that drive the success of high performing firms.

Here’s three reasons to participate this year:

1. Influence this Year’s Results

By participating in the survey, you have the opportunity to influence the report with your firm’s perspective. Share your expertise regarding processes, challenges and growth in these five areas: Emerging Technology Trends, Financial Management, Business Development, Project Management, and Human Capital Management. Your responses will be kept confidential.

2. Get a Custom Scorecard

As a participant in this year’s survey, you will receive your firm’s responses in a custom scorecard, making it easier to benchmark your firm’s performance against the results. The scorecard is a side-by-side comparison of key industry benchmarks and your firm’s current KPIs derived from the calculations used in the results so you can easily identify how your company measures up. Your custom scorecard will include performance metrics that growing AEC firms are tracking, such as utilization and overhead rates, total employee cost, win rates, percent of projects on budget, employee turnover, and more. See an example of the scorecard.

3. Receive Early Access to the Report

The report will launch this May. Survey participants will receive early access!

Ready to complete the survey? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Survey.
  2. Complete the firm profile and the sections that are most relevant to your role within the business. You are not required to complete all sections of the survey.
  3. At the end of the survey, you can refer others from your company to complete sections for their areas of business expertise.
  4. Make sure to complete the survey before it closes on March 19, 2021. Your responses will be kept confidential.
  5. If you would like to review the questions before starting the survey, you can view the full survey here: Deltek A&E Survey PDF. Pro tip: Print the survey questions and gather answers from different parts of the firm prior to submitting them into the formal survey tool.

About Deltek Clarity

For 40+ years, Deltek has surveyed leaders in the architecture & engineering industry to identify the key issues impacting the market, highlight bright spots, and forecast future trends. The Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report provides in-depth industry analysis that helps architecture and engineering firms benchmark performance and improve results. The report delivers best practices and insights in five key areas, including Emerging Technology Trends, Financial Management, Business Development, Project Management, and Human Capital Management.

Learn how firms like Cube 3 Studio and Kleinschmidt Associates are utilizing the Deltek Clarity Report to fuel project and business success. Cube 3 Studio monitors their KPIs monthly against the Deltek Clarity A&E Report High Performer Benchmarks and Kleinschmidt Associates uses the report to help shape their overall strategy. Deltek Clarity is the longest running and most comprehensive architecture and engineering market trends report.


About the Author

Megan Miller is a senior product marketing manager with Deltek and works with architecture & engineering firms around the world to help them improve their business processes through technology and thought leadership with resources like Deltek Clarity and Deltek's leading project-based software solutions. Connect with Megan on LinkedIn.