Work Smarter, Not Harder: Information Management Sessions to Attend at Deltek Insight

Posted by Deltek on September 10, 2020

Deltek Insight 2020

The countdown has started! Deltek Insight is less than two weeks away, and as 2020 continues to call for Architecture, Engineering & Construction firms to pivot and innovate, Deltek is excited to offer sessions focused on how you can better your information management processes.  

Throughout Deltek Insight 2020, sessions focused on Deltek’s Project Information Management (PIM) solution will detail how PIM helped A&E firms across the country solve issues related to email and document management. As more and more of today’s workforce transitions to a remote environment, Deltek PIM easily allows teams to stay connected while working in a number of places and scenarios.


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Additionally, with Deltek PIM’s smart technology, businesses can work smarter, not harder. Automation and machine learning allow for PIM users to get back the 28% of their day they spend sifting through emails. The “digital transformation” trend will also be addressed, and those interested will hear more about how the move to paperless transactions will impact your workflow – and, of course, how Deltek PIM can help.

See below for the 5 Deltek PIM sessions to attend, and get started with simplifying your document management processes now.

Top 5 PIM Sessions to Add to Your Agenda:

  • PIM-02: What is Deltek PIM and Why Should I Care?
    • In this session, you’ll learn how Deltek PIM empowers teams to embrace digital transformation from document and email management to workflow and process improvement. 
  • PIM-04: Explore the Full Power of Deltek PIM
    • Examine Deltek PIM’s “One Place of Truth” and how it helps you save time and effort while keeping accurate records. We will look at the different modules, showing features such as the ERP integration, email management, mobile application in the field and much more.
  • PIM-07: Hear from a Peer: Customer Stories from Around the Globe
    • Join us for a discussion with three A&E firms on how Deltek PIM and other technology prepared them for 2020 and how they are planning for the future. 
  • PIM-08: The Email Management Challenge and How to Overcome It
    • Learn the importance of email management and how Deltek PIM ensures your corporate email can be managed effectively and how automation takes ease of use to the next level. 
  • PIM-10: Deltek PIM and Your Deltek ERP: How to Get the Most Out of This Integration
    • Extend the power of your Deltek ERP solution by adding Deltek PIM to take control of your unmanaged project data. Hear how users throughout your business can take advantage of this document management solution.

Be sure to check out the Session Catalog for more sessions, and watch Deltek Insight on demand until December 31!