RS&H Enhances Schedules Across the Enterprise with Deltek Acumen

Posted by Deltek on July 21, 2020

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Since 1941, RS&H has provided fully integrated architecture, engineering, and consulting services to help their clients realize complex facility and infrastructure projects for land, air and space. Driven by a commitment to bring extraordinary solutions to their clients, RS&H sought a way to standardize business practices and elevate metrics company-wide. As an existing Acumen customer, they approached Deltek about taking a deep dive into analytics while exploring different standardized implementation options. During this process, RS&H determined they could achieve their desired results by expanding their existing license structure into an enterprise license.

Identifying Inconsistent Metrics

RS&H decided to develop a new, dedicated Project Control Group that spanned the country, but recognized implementation would be a challenge. Due to the varying levels of expertise and experience of the schedulers across the practice, RS&H aimed for consistent schedule analysis and the elimination of common oversights during these reviews. Despite having an identified focus, it was difficult to find time to train every scheduler across the different regions.

Additionally, since teams were utilizing multiple instances of Acumen they were consistently running into challenges around version control, scalability, and a lack of applied consistent metrics. Because of this, RS&H targeted a standard of scheduling consistency and excellence well above the minimums generally specified in the industry. This goal required a significant effort to investigate, customize and then finally standardize a set of metrics for the business, but also required the right tools being leveraged effectively to roll out the new standards.

Streamlining Schedule Success

RS&H found Acumen was, without question, the right tool to not only help them move to an advanced level of standardized project schedule analysis, but also give their schedulers a dynamic tool to gain scalable insight into each and every schedule because it streamlines their evaluation process. Prior to utilizing Acumen Fuse, 4,000 activity schedules had to be reviewed manually. With Fuse, the team not only saves valuable time, but can also do a deeper dive into historically problematic issues helping to reduce schedule risk as opposed to merely performing a high-level review. Likewise, with Acumen’s user-friendly customizable metrics, RS&H is able to create individualized analysis for all industries company-wide including the DOT Sector, Aviation and Defense.

“On some contracts we only have 10 days to complete a full review and analysis of a schedule.  Acumen does the heavy lifting for us and provides valuable insight and time to complete a deeper dive into the key of the schedule and logic,” said Bob Jones, Project Controls/Claims Group Leader at RS&H.

When compared with similar software, Acumen was identified as superior with deeper functionality and customization. Acumen has everything the RS&H team needed to apply the newly customized metrics collaboratively envisioned by RS&H and the Deltek team. Moving from individual instances of Acumen to an enterprise-wide roll out of the solution allowed RS&H to take material steps forward in their journey toward consistency and excellence in scheduling and project delivery.

Customizing a Framework for Growth

RS&H created a framework that helps their analysts ascertain a level of analysis that is superior throughout the industry and as a result, have been able to accelerate their team’s scheduling knowledge and develop more mature scheduling professionals using Acumen.

“Scheduling is incredibly important – a project schedule is the lifeblood of a project and not only do you need to understand them but also how they can be manipulated and/or exploited,” said Jones.

The comprehensive set of dozens of metrics identified by RS&H and tweaked with the Deltek team has taken project control to a new level. This level of analysis and customization proved its strength when compared to the competition. With their standard of excellence, and Acumen leveraged to support their goals, RS&H is able to differentiate themselves from the competition and better serve their clients with higher quality schedule analysis and performance analytics.

About RS&H

RS&H provides fully integrated architecture, engineering and consulting services to help clients realize their most complex facility and infrastructure projects for land, air and space through the promise of imagination, ingenuity and innovation. With a tradition that began in 1941, RS&H continues to build on their long history of market-based, specialized experience, delivering time-tested insights to clients in: aerospace, aviation, corporate, defense, health & science and transportation. Consistently ranked among the nation’s top 100 design firms and having worked in over 50 countries across the globe, the RS&H team draws on their comprehensive mastery of industry-specific issues, including financing and delivery methods, to help clients achieve their goals in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsive manner.