What to Expect at the Deltek Clarity A&E Launch Event

Posted by Deltek on June 15, 2020

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The Deltek Clarity A&E Virtual Launch Event is just two days away! This is a completely virtual event centered on the release and first look at the 41st Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study. This free event is the hottest event of the summer for A&E professionals that you won’t want to miss!

Attendees will gain early access to the Clarity report findings, and hear from leading experts on the state of the A&E industry, learn best practices used by high-performing A&E firms, and discover what the current trends mean for your business.


[VIRTUAL EVENT] Clarity A&E Virtual Launch Event

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In this blog, we are going to share tips for getting the most out of this event, and some brief instructions on how to navigate the experience.

What will the sessions cover?

We have a great lineup of keynote speakers including leading industry thought leaders and Deltek executives. We’ll also have breakout sessions covering the industry’s hottest trends and A&E solution updates, and an abundance of virtual networking opportunities even while we’re all connecting virtually.

You won’t want to miss our featured keynote speakers:

  • Ian Denny, CFO at RDC-S111
  • Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy at Deltek
  • Mike Timcheck, Partner at The M Group
  • Natasha Engan, SVP of Global Consulting at Deltek
  • Debbie Eachus, Director of Finance at BG Buildingworks
  • Megan Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Deltek
  • Steve Gido, Principal at ROG+ Partners

Check out our recent blog, Why Attend the Clarity A&E Virtual Launch Event, for additional details on the great content you can look forward to during this event.

How will the sessions work?

Just like an in-person event, the sessions will begin at specific scheduled times, so you will be able to click into the session at the start time or up to 15 minutes prior. While each of our sessions has been pre-recorded to avoid any working from home mishaps, our speakers will be online during their respective sessions, and you can submit questions to them through the Speaker Q&A chat box at any point!

You can even share your thoughts and insights with other attendees during the sessions through the Group Chat feature. This is a great way to engage and network with other attendees similar to a live event!

Within each session, you’ll also note a toolbar with different icons at the bottom of your screen. Be sure to check out the different icons where you’ll find an FAQ document on navigating the event, related resources for each session, and much more.

If at any point, you have a technical question about the event, simply type your question into the Speaker Q&A during the sessions, or visit “The Spot”, our virtual networking lounge, where you’ll find an Event Q&A widget.

What will the conference platform look like?

Attendees will be able to enter the virtual lobby, visit The Spot networking lounge, and watch each of the sessions by navigating through a Netflix-like experience in the Engagement Hub.


We look forward to hosting you at this great A&E Industry Event!

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