Why Your Firm Can’t Live Without CRM

Posted by Megan Miller on February 10, 2020

Why Your Firm Can’t Live Without a CRM System

More than 80 percent of firms in the 40th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Study cited client relationships as one of the top three sources of new opportunities for their company, yet firms continue to struggle to make time to nurture critical client relationships. And, with nearly 45 percent of revenue coming from the top three clients, firms can’t afford to not make their clients a top priority.

Business development revolves around clients and projects – from identifying new opportunities and project pursuits, to nurturing client relationships. How can you make it easier for project managers and business developers to focus on the right clients and the right pursuits at the right time to better position your company to win? Can you easily identify gaps in your pipeline so you can develop a plan of action to fill the void? Or, can you accurately forecast an influx of projects so your teams can plan effectively when you win the work? Access to this knowledge will allow your firm to develop the right strategy to successfully pursue more projects and keep clients happy.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps your teams find and qualify opportunities, manage client relationships and pipeline, create impressive proposals and win more business.

Nurture Client Relationships

It takes time to create and build client relationships, but how can you make sure you are nurturing the right relationships when business development time is limited? With a CRM system, your teams can quickly and easily understand what’s happening with a client and better coordinate meetings, conversations, updates, etc. in one place so you can nurture the right relationships when it matters most.

According to the Deltek Clarity report, less than half of firms have a formal business development process, which can result in missed opportunities and client relationships at risk of being taken away by the competition. A  CRM system makes it possible for everyone in your company to work together more efficiently and effectively to give your clients what they need, when it matters most.


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Manage Pursuits and Pipeline

Waiting around for RFPs and chasing opportunities that you may only be partially qualified for can lead to wasted time and effort from your marketing and project management teams, and that means wasted money.

With a CRM solution, your firm will better understand which opportunities are worth pursuing and which clients are worth the investment. You’ll have better intel to make the right go/no go decisions and can monitor your success rates by client, industry, project team and more.  This intel will not only make you more successful in the projects you pursue, but also ensures you are investing time in the right projects for the right reasons.

CRM allows you to easily find the gaps in your pipeline and develop a plan to find more projects as well as enable resource managers to better plan for incoming projects. You’ll have visibility into your pipeline like never before with one version of the truth.

Win More Business

Ultimately, all of this increased knowledge and visibility will help your teams win more. By pursuing the best projects for your firm, nurturing the right client relationships when it matters most and monitoring your successes more closely, your company can improve win rates and increase your business development and marketing ROI.

With a CRM system, you’ll know that your limited business development time is being spent on the right tasks that can help move the needle, rather than just trying to figure out what the next task should be.

Next Steps

To learn more about Vantagepoint CRM and see it in action, watch this demo or read about the top 3 challenges that A&E firms face when adopting a CRM system.



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