Bringing Specification Solutions to the Main Stage at Deltek Insight

Posted by Denise McDaniel on December 18, 2019

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What a year it has been for Deltek Specification Solutions! From the acquisition of Avitru in January, to celebrating the 50th anniversary of MasterSpec® in June, to attending our first Deltek Insight conference in November – the future of specification management has never looked brighter.

We recently had the opportunity to introduce Deltek Specification Solutions at Deltek Insight in Orlando, Florida. Being a first-timer at Deltek Insight is a mesmerizing experience with over 3,200 product users and colleagues from all corners of the AEC industry and beyond. We were thrilled to receive an enthusiastic welcome from conference attendees and have the opportunity to pique their curiosity about specifications and how they impact the building project lifecycle.

Curiosity and Questions about Construction Specifications

The majority of Insight attendees are users of Deltek project and financial management solutions, so naturally, many attendees arrived to the conference knowing very little about the logistics of specification writing.

Throughout the conference, we helped them connect the dots as to what specs are, how their organization utilizes them, and the critical role construction specifications play in the delivery of building projects.

Our team fielded a number of questions during the event and product breakout sessions. We’ve summarized those questions and answers so you, too, can get acquainted with Deltek Specification Solutions and the value-add this product can bring to your organization.

What are specifications?

Construction specifications, also known as “specs”, support the design drawings and provides specific building details such as building product materials, the scope of work, installation process, standards, and quality of work. The specifications are compiled into a project manual, which the builder uses to support the construction process.

Who in my organization would benefit by using this solution?

Each design firm has their own procedures and protocols for who within the organization is responsible for authoring project specs to support the designer’s drawings. Within AEC firms, we typically see the following roles being responsible for authoring project specifications: specification writer, architect/designer, engineer and project manager.

What does Deltek’s specification offering look like?

The Deltek Specification Solutions is a “trifecta” solution with three components: 

  • Content - Master guide specification resources is the content component that provides the necessary building product criteria needed to ensure the right building products are being implemented to bring drawings to life on the construction site. Deltek provides a variety of master guide specification resources including: AIA MasterSpec, SpecText, Product MasterSpec, UFGS and VA master guides.
  • Spec Editing Software – To help streamline specification writing, editing and project manuals development, Deltek provides spec editing software solutions in both cloud and desktop formats with the option of Revit integration.
  • Professional Services – The Professional Services team is here to serve you and help you be successful. Comprised of licensed architects and engineers, the services team understands what your project needs and can provide supplemental support to your firm. Our industry professionals are well versed in preparing project manuals and maintaining a firm knowledge base.  The services team provides assistance to the design professional freeing up time for other project tasks across design phases. 

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What is Deltek’s relationship with The American Institute of Architects?

Deltek is a strategic partner of the AIA and is the exclusive developer and distributor of MasterSpec, a product founded and owned by AIA. Deltek works in partnership with the AIA to ensure MasterSpec continues its dominance as the most comprehensive and widely used master guide specifications resource for the AEC industry.

Do Deltek Specification Solutions integrate with existing Deltek products?

Currently, the specification products do not integrate into Deltek’s ERP or PIM products offered to the AEC community. However, we anticipate these types of integrations will be included with the next generation product currently is in development. Stay tuned! We will keep the Deltek AEC community aware of these integration developments as they become available.

What is the future for the specs product line?

The future is very exciting! As noted, the next generation of specification management solutions is currently in development with an anticipated phase I release in late 2020. At this time, we foresee 3-phases for the product rollout as we introduce additional functionality and integrations.

How can we learn more?

To learn more about what Deltek Specification Solutions has to offer, check out our available Solution Speed Sessions that showcases the specification solutions via an on demand or upcoming live webcast. Plus, it’s never too early to register to attend the 2020 Insight Conference and save $100 on your registration by signing up now!

The Deltek AEC product portfolio is pretty remarkable and with the addition of the Specification Solutions product offerings – we continue our commitment to provide the AEC community with the most advanced and comprehensive selection of products to help you be successful on each and every building project. Contact a member of our Specification Solutions team today.


About the Author

Denise McDaniel is an experienced professional with a passion for helping AEC firms know more about their business and do more for their clients. As a Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, she leads the Deltek Specifications Solutions product positioning and messaging by providing key insights, benchmarks, and trends to A&E firms. Her experience working in both the software technology sector and for a general contractor/construction management firm brings a unique perspective to the Deltek Specifications product line.