2019 Round Up: Best Architecture and Engineering Webinars

Posted by Jessica Leach on December 19, 2019

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This year, Deltek provided dozens of webinars detailing the top trends and best practices in the Architecture & Engineering (A&E) industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear the top takeaways for 2019, and get a head start on positioning your firm for continued growth and success in 2020. Check out the 2019 webinar round up today!

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40th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study Results

Did you check out the 40th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Study results? As the longest running, most comprehensive report in the architecture and engineering industry, you’ll explore key issues impacting the market, highlights on bright spots, and the forecast of future trends. Don’t miss your chance to gain insight into industry trends and critical benchmarks that are pivotal for helping your firm stand out against the competition.

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Manage the Complete Lifecycle of Your Fixed Assets

What if your firm could manage the complete lifecycle of all fixed assets in one place? With Deltek Vision Asset Management your A&E firm can not only do that, but also simply and accurately track your assets and make informed decisions about future acquisitions. Let Vision take away the burden of asset management in your firm.

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Boost Efficiencies with Deltek PIM’s Email Management

Are your employees spending too much time sifting through emails, losing time looking for information rather than executing billable work? Employees spend 28% of their time at work dealing with email – that’s almost a day and a half each week (McKinsey). Learn how to recapture this lost time and boost efficiencies across your entire firm with one integrated system – Deltek PIM’s email management.

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The Top 5 Misconceptions about Moving to the Cloud

A&E trends are all pointing to the Cloud, but there are still questions and concerns in the industry. In this webinar, Deltek cloud experts provide answers to the most common issues and misconceptions firms have about moving to the Cloud.

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Maximize Your Most Important Resources with Resource Planning

Today, many resource management tools require the manual retrieval of data from multiple, separated systems. This leads to a large margin for error and is time-consuming for employees. With Deltek Vision, the first fully-integrated project management solution, tasks like scheduling, budgeting, forecasting and more are all accessible in a single application.

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How CDG Engineers & Associates Eliminated Document Chaos with Deltek PIM

Learn how CDG Engineers & Associates said goodbye to the tediousness of storing documents in multiple locations and using numerous file servers to store project data, by transforming their document and email management with Deltek PIM.

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Why Is Benchmarking Critical for Your AE Firm? Hear from Your Peers

Is your firm taking full advantage of the benefits that benchmarking provides? Benchmarking will help determine goals, measure success, and compare your firm to improve results and foster growth. Hear from Degenkolb Engineers and Niles Bolton Associates to hear more about how they’re benchmarking strategies help their plans for growth in the New Year.

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Day in the Life of a Business Development Professional

Eighty percent of firms attribute existing client relationships as a top source of revenue. This means your business development professional’s ability to create and foster client relationships is important to profitability and growth. In this webinar, you’ll hear why your firm can’t afford to skip a beat when it comes to business development, and see first-hand Deltek Vantagepoint provides what they need to streamline your A&E firm success.

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3 Ways to Drive Value in Your A&E Firm

Does your A&E firm know which financial metrics to track or how to ensure they’re using technology to consistently generate a return? Carl Von Hake, CPA and Associate Principal at Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners joins this webinar to take a deep dive into the top levers that drive value, and presents strategies and changes to create a positive difference in A&E firms today.

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Boost HR Productivity and Efficiency by Adopting Digital Transformation

Firms everywhere are in the midst of a cross-departmental digital transformation. So where do Human Resource (HR) departments stack up? HR professionals are believed to provide top leaders with important information that supports strategic decision-making across organizations, yet most HR departments are not measuring key aspects of human capital management. Find out how far HR departments have come and what key digital solutions still pose as a significant challenge among HR professionals.

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PIM for Dummies: Email, Document & Drawing Management

When it comes to managing projects, we can group the types of information handled into three categories: emails, documents and drawings. Today, each of these types of information are stored in a variety of places, leading to confusion, duplication of efforts, and disorganization. How do we begin streamlining this process so that everything is stored in a central location? Watch this webinar to find out how to calm the project management chaos, organize your documents and contracts, and more.

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