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Posted by Megan Miller on October 10, 2019

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Delivering a project within client expectations is not a new challenge to the architecture & engineering industry, but many firms are still looking for better, more efficient ways to meet the challenge. The number of projects over budget and behind schedule continue to increase and companies are struggling to find and keep the best and brightest employees to deliver their projects.

According to the Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Study, the top three challenges in project management this year are:

  • Competing priorities
  • Staff shortages
  • Inexperienced project managers

These three challenges center around people and highlight the need to prioritize improving project management processes and investing in project managers.

Project Managment Top Challenges Deltek Clarity 

Competing Priorities

Most project managers are juggling multiple projects, multiple clients and multiple roles within the company. They may be responsible for delivering projects, finding the next project and designing projects, making it difficult to focus on managing the project itself. This year, 29% of projects were reported as over budget and 36% of projects were behind schedule. There are many reasons these projects can be off track, but what factors are within your control? What are the biggest contributing factors to your project challenges? Take time to ask your project managers what is getting in their way of success.

Staff Shortages

Employee turnover rates are 13.8% this year, up again this year, which can have a significant impact on utilization and project delivery. Staff are being stretched thin and are filling multiple roles. These staff shortages can lead to burnout and frustration for your top staff and if not addressed, will lead to more vacancies. There is no magic solution to the staffing challenges, but what can your firm do to alleviate frustration, engage employees and reduce the amount of time it takes to find new staff?

Inexperienced Project Managers

This is not a new challenge, and it’s also one that doesn’t rise to the top of the priority list year after year. Not only are inexperienced project managers cited as one of the top three challenges, but only 25% of companies indicated that the majority of their project managers have received formal project manager training and only 20% of firms indicated they have a project management office or center of excellence. Project management is vital to the success of every single firm and it’s time to make project management a priority.


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Taking Steps to Improve Project Management

In addition to challenges, Deltek Clarity captures the top project management initiatives for the next 18 months. The top three initiatives are:

Top Project Management Initiatives

    Within your company, what initiatives do you have in place to address your top challenges? How can you help your project managers deliver even better projects this year? How can you better leverage your project management tools and resources to improve your project management processes?

    Here are some key questions to ask your teams so you can take steps to improve how you manage and deliver projects.

    1. What does your project management process look like today? When is the last time you reviewed and updated it? How often do you follow it?
    2. What KPIs are you tracking and do your PMs have access to proactively manage their projects?
    3. Are your employees looking for opportunities to grow and develop or are they overwhelmed and looking for a way out?
    4. What initiatives will drive your business forward this year and set you up for project success next year?
    5. Do your project managers have the software to manage their projects – resources, project information, budgets, schedules, etc.? If not, how can Deltek help?

    It’s time to make project management your top priority to improve client satisfaction, increase employee engagement and ultimately improve your bottom line. It’s time to invest in your people, processes and technology specifically related to project management.

    To learn more, dig into this year’s Deltek Clarity A&E Report Project Management Deep Dive webinar to review the results, compare your numbers, and develop a plan to take steps forward in your project management strategy.