[Video Blog] Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation with AIA MasterSpec®

Posted by Sam Nohava on June 19, 2019


Recently, Kevin Plexico, Deltek’s SVP of Information Solutions, had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architect’s EVP/Chief Executive Officer, at the A’19 Conference on Architecture to celebrate 50 years of innovation with AIA MasterSpec® and our newfound partnership.

The Trusted Name in Specifications

Having been established in 1969 by AIA, MasterSpec dramatically simplifies building specification creation, product research, product selection, and project management for design firms. Throughout the decades, the delivery of MasterSpec is a history of innovation as the product was adapted to the workflow and technology needs of Architect and Engineer users and continues to evolve today.  

MasterSpec Infographic - 50 years



Infographic: 50 Years of MasterSpec

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Looking back to the 1960s, MasterSpec began as a paper-based system and, in partnership with the AIA, has evolved extensively to its present day form. Today, MasterSpec meets the needs of the digital transformation that has impacted every corner of the built environment.  50 years later, MasterSpec is firmly established in the profession as the go-to-resource for the AECO community for objective and current building product information.  AIA’s partnership with Deltek + Avitru ensures that MasterSpec will continue on this positive trajectory. There is a diverse team of subject matter experts, composed of architects, engineers, editors and peer reviewers that is dedicated to the ongoing integrity and evolution of the MasterSpec product.

The Future of MasterSpec

Deltek + Avitru looks forward to continuing to re-imagine and develop MasterSpec, as well as the tools around it, to adapt for sustainability, new technologies, and important trends that are shaping the industry. In addition, Deltek + Avitru is focused on accelerating and improving the product selection process in by advising, partnering, and drawing on the expertise of the building product manufacturing community. 

At the end of the day, the mission of the MasterSpec product is to improve effectiveness and efficiency for architects as they are executing on projects and driving success within their firms.  The American Institute of Architects and Deltek + Avitru, the exclusive developer of MasterSpec, are proud to join together to honor 50 years of innovation and the many years of continued development ahead.

“We’re excited to bring MasterSpec content as well as tools for the architecture and engineering community to market with our 20,000 customers worldwide and 10,000 architecture and engineering firms across the globe.  It is a great opportunity for Deltek and we are very excited to carry MasterSpec into the future.”

Kevin Plexico, SVP of Information Solutions, Deltek

For more information surrounding AIA MasterSpec, please watch the above video from A’19, visit Deltek + Avitru or call 800.424.5080.